Dry Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix


This dry mix can be use as a soup base, added to dry recipes and more. Have it on hand and never need to go to the store to buy the sad soup in a can.... Dry Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix Ingredients: 1 cup dry milk 6 Tbsp cornstarch ¼ cup dried shiitake mushrooms, crumbled 2 Tbsp … [Continue reading]

One Pot Caprese Pasta


I was feeling the need for a late summer dish, in the middle of winter. And paid $$ for that pleasure: greenhouse grown tomatoes and basil from Canada are never cheap in January - but so worth it. At the same time, while the base ingredients were not cheap, considering it served 6 amply, it was … [Continue reading]

Whole Milk Panna Cotta


Apparently somehow in life I had never had Panna Cotta. And I am not sure how that happened. Probably because I didn't know anyone of Italian descent … [Continue reading]

Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


So I find this funny. Always. Cannot get my oldest son to eat a banana. Ever. But make banana muffins? He is first in line! Vegan Banana … [Continue reading]

Raising the Greenhouse


Spring is coming, even if most think of January as the depth of winter. Here in the PNW, even with a "modified Artic blast" freezing us … [Continue reading]

On the go snacking with Yoplait Yogurt


When we travel, we almost always have a cooler in the van. The boys love snacking, more than meals. And frankly, so do I! The alternative of that is … [Continue reading]

Mountain Goat on an Alpine Mountain Needle Felting


After I learned how to do needle felting with the Waldorf-style crowns, I was hooked. Looking around online, I came across how to make felted items … [Continue reading]

Banana Cupcakes


If you haven't tried No-Nut Butter from The Sneaky Chef, this frosting is the place to try it in. Moist, tender cupcakes, topped with a frosting that … [Continue reading]

Gazing In’s Top Ten Viewed Recipes For 2014


Winding down the year, in my 6th year of writing Gazing In, it is interesting to see what posts/recipes are the most visited for 2014. In fact...not a … [Continue reading]

Caramel Cinnamon Bun Desserts


Awhile back I noticed some new bottles of flavors at the grocery store, from McCormick. They were not with spice section, but rather tucked in with … [Continue reading]