Canned Rhubarb Strawberry Pie Filling


Canned Rhubarb Strawberry Pie Filling Ingredients: 4 pounds fresh rhubarb, trimmed and sliced 3 pounds fresh strawberries, cored and sliced 6 cups granulated sugar 1½ cups Clear Jel or Cornaby's Ultra Gel 8 cups cold filtered water ½ cup bottled lemon juice Directions: Fill a … [Continue reading]

August In The Garden


Summer settled in, with a few days of cool(er) weather at the end of July (read, normal weather for the PNW). It gave me time to go outside and do a lot of needed work. I assessed what was thriving, what wasn't growing well, and what needed to be culled (a good way to speed up the daily watering … [Continue reading]

Ginger Bread and Butter Pickles


I've never been a fan of celery seed in most anything - be it in potato salad or pickles. I find it harsh tasting. But can be left out and … [Continue reading]

Dill Pickles


I had gotten a deal on 50 pounds of pickling cucumbers, so I got busy! In the end I made about 4 batches of these pickles. Dill … [Continue reading]

Mini Vanilla Bean Scones

IMG_20150814_095002 (1)

Walker really, really loves Starbuck's mini scones. But at $1.50 each, that is robbery, considering he'd happily eat 2 to 3 of them. When I made these … [Continue reading]

Cherry Zucchini Bread


One dry, long, hot summer has meant a good crop of zucchini, which often in the PNW doesn't happen so good. So what to make with it? You gotta make … [Continue reading]

Sweet and Sour Zucchini Pickles


You know how everyone makes zucchini jokes? About so many they are going Ninja at night and throwing them on neighbors porches? That doesn't seem to … [Continue reading]

Handcrafted Cherry Lemonade Fruit Snacks

IMG_20150813_165445 (1)

I've been working on ways to boost Alistaire's protein intake, but to stay within his allergy needs. While there are a few brands of fruit snacks (the … [Continue reading]

Smoky Creamed Corn


Fresh corn is coming into season - this recipe is ready in minutes and will side dish almost any dinner! Smoky Creamed … [Continue reading]

Parmesan Cheese Sauce and Zucchini Pasta


The hot weather this summer has been good for a few things, one has been my summer squash survived and is thriving (no powdery mildew for the first … [Continue reading]