Small Batch Canning: Spiced Apples


At IFBC last month I had what I would classify as an epiphany. When I go to blogger conferences, I never know what I will come home with for inspiration. I don't go to them for learning really, there is only so many times you can listen in on about "SEO Targeting!", but rather for the chance I might … [Continue reading]

Apple Muffins


Fall is coming - and I love it! The front yard and porch...well, I can't help myself ;-) I was inspired to make this recipe from a recipe my son's preschool makes for "birthday muffins". I changed it a bit (you know me - I can't leave it alone!) The end result is a moist muffin, that should … [Continue reading]

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes


Yesterday was my oldest son's birthday. 17. Yes, 17! How fast a child growing up can leave one feeling old..... Ford asked for vanilla cake, and … [Continue reading]

Small Batch Canning: Rhubarb Jam


When I left my rhubarb plants behind at the old house, I planted new ones as soon as I could. Being first year plants I wasn't expecting much this … [Continue reading]

Small Batch Canning: Four Pepper Jelly


I was inspired by a recipe on the back of the Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar bottles....a little looking at what had been harvested and I knew I wanted a … [Continue reading]

Gluten-Free & Egg-Free Pizza Muffins


Awhile back I was gifted with a huge box of Arrowhead Mills Gluten-free Baking Mix. Stumped, it sat there for a while, until I got inspiration. I made … [Continue reading]

7 Days of Granola Recipes


Granola is incredibly easy to make and if you live in a less humid area, it keeps well in sealed mason jars. Stir it into yogurt or top with milk for … [Continue reading]

Cold Pack Sweet Canned Blackberries


Tucked away into a low shelf in many grocery stores are cans of berries. Many people never notice them, and even if they did, would they buy them? … [Continue reading]

Sun-Dried Tomatoes


Sun-Dried Tomatoes are an easy way to preserve a lot of tomatoes, quickly. And enjoy them all year long. Which is especially nice if you have multiple … [Continue reading]

Small Batch Bumbleberry Jam


Bumbleberry is when you have a few types of berries and combine them into a tasty spread. A great way to use up a half-flat of fresh berries from the … [Continue reading]