Easy To Carry (And Serve) Baby Foods

I am addicted to the easy to use pouches of baby food for when we are out and about. I carry them in Walker’s diaper bag, in his jogger stroller and in our backpack when hiking. Unlike traditional tubs or jars of baby food they are for the most part mess free (well, that is…unless Junior is spitting it back at you). All I need is a spoon, napkin and bib. I love that I can serve him by squeezing the tube (older toddlers don’t even need a spoon, they can squeeze them like applesauce). The only downside is the much higher price per container so I save them for when we are out, not at home.

Walker tried out Plum Organics 2nd foods today in Pumpkin Banana. It was one of the best smelling baby foods I have come across and taste wise it is very good. It is thick but not pasty, baby won’t gag on it. Walker happily ate the entire package as we sat in the sun between appointments today. Great for those busy days! There is even a spoon dispenser that will screw on the container.

Some other products Walker has loved in the past months I reviewed on our other blog, Trail Cooking, which I have reprinted below.
Ella’s Kitchen:

I had come across Ella’s Kitchen baby food online and recently found it carried at Whole Foods. It isn’t the cheapest (on sale it is $1 for a 3.5 ounce pouch and I have seen it for over $2 at Target). The pouches only need a spoon and you are ready to feed your trail baby, making these the easiest Stage 1 food we have come across so far. No mess, no fuss (well maybe except for what is all over the babies face…..) Simply screw off the cap and squeeze the food onto your spoon – no dipping required.

The flavors are also quite interesting. The company is UK based so you see flavor choices you don’t see here! We picked up a Potatoes Pumpkin Apples & Blueberries to try out:

It is nicely thick, but not too thick (pasty) where the baby will choke, neither is it too watery. I took a spoonful and it is quite nice. No bland baby food here! I’d eat it as fancy applesauce πŸ˜‰ Just walk down the trail and squeeze it…hehheh. Having said that Walker enjoyed it immensely and left nothing, eating the whole serving and getting crabby when it was gone. So we have a winner for carrying on hikes!

If you don’t have Whole Foods or a similar style natural foods store it is carried on Amazon: Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Apples + Blueberries (4+months), 3.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 7)

Happy Baby:
Walker tried out another brand of ready to eat baby food with packaging that is aimed at the ‘to-go’ crowd. With identical packaging to Ella’s Kitchen that we recently reviewed, Happy Baby is another player in the organic baby food market. I hadn’t realized that the caps on the stage 1 and 2 meals are recyclable, knowing that now, I will send them to the bin when we get home! All the stages only require a spoon (well and a bib and plenty of towels….but that kind of goes with baby territory. And safety goggles when they razberry you as the food is incoming….). Stages 1 and 2 are squeeze pouches that you shake up and squeeze out as needed onto the spoon. As with Ella’s this is very convenient and prevents double dipping (where as with traditional packaging if the baby doesn’t a lot you need to spoon it out into a bowl so as not to cross contaminate with drool). The stage 3 foods are in a pouch with an opening, similar to Sprout brand, except for they do not have a zip top for re-closing, so baby must eat all in one sitting.

Banana Kiwi:

The stage 2 foods are quite thin, almost a mix of juice and solids. Older children could easily suck on the container and have it like applesauce! Just with no mess. The flavors though are very bright and fresh tasting, Walker enjoyed it. I can see tucking these into our pack as a refreshing summer snack.

Beef Stew:

I suppose if I wanted to I could just suck it up and do more of my own baby food (which I did this week):

But hey, with all these choices life on the go is easy! The foods taste so much better than they did a decade ago (even a couple years ago!) and the packaging is fantastic for those of us who like being active with our kids. And Walker likes all of it – be it homemade or commercial.

Miles Outside:
This last week while out Walker tried out a new line of instant dry baby food (this was a great find!) that is made by Miles Outside. The line is organic, some are gluten free and easy on your babies tummy overall. It is packaged in small single serving plastic pouches (just shy of 1 1/2 ounces dry), that have a gusseted bottom for ease in serving. I had ordered the Double Trouble Sampler not long before leaving for our recent trip and the owner, Courtney, went out of her way to ensure I had the meals in time- excellent customer service – and even included the cutest onesie ever:

And the back view:

We tried out Picnic Outside for his first:

Simple to prepare, just add in cool water or for more nutritional stats use formula or breast milk and then stir well. Let it sit for a couple minutes and it magically blends into a perfect constituency.

This was the chunkiest food so far for Walker to try and he was happy about it. I gave it a try and you know what? I liked it!

Walker grabbed onto the spoon and wouldn’t let go so that says something!

For his spoon we used the bamboo spoon out of of To Go Ware set. If you have a baby or know someone with a little one, the sampler is a great find even for dayhiking or for keeping in the car (or for that matter even a bug-out kit for emergencies.) (Which I might add I picked the To Go Ware set as an essential gear item for the March 2011 article I wrote for Backpacker Magazine on outdoor cookware, it is that nice)


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