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I was sent a couple coupons to try out Lipton® Tea’s new drinks – the 100% Natural Lipton® Iced Tea. It took me awhile to find the product though. One issue was that the coupons had a price limit – that while was very reasonable at $1.49 – the few stores carrying the drinks in the cold section were charging $1.69 to $2.49 for a 20 ounce bottle. Ummmm…..that is a wee bit too high price-wise for a bottle of iced tea! This weekend though I was walking through a Safeway and found it sold in the non-refrigerated pop/drink aisle and it was being sold for under the coupon price (yet they sold the Green Tea version for $1.69 chilled but not in the warm aisle!). Finally I could try it out after searching all those weeks. Lesson learned, look in the warm aisle….

I picked up my bottles in Lemon flavor, there are four flavors to choose from. The tea is sweetened with a blend of Stevia and sugar, unlike their other iced tea that is sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup. The four flavors also do not contain artificial coloring, which again…the other teas they make some of the flavors contain. It isn’t easy for me to find products I can drink when traveling due to my restrictions on dyes and frankly I despise the sickly sweet nature of HFCS (once you quit drinking it, it is so intense to taste it). I am though a huge fan of Stevia. Kirk has found he can tolerate Stevia if it is cut with sugar – as Lipton does and so does other drinks like Vitamin Water.

The Natural tea is pleasantly sweet. I normally drink my ice tea unsweetened and don’t like it ‘sweet tea’ style. While I can drink it out of the bottle, having it over ice and diluted would be perfect. For traveling if it wasn’t over priced I would pick it up. I can only hope it becomes more reasonably priced.


FTC Disclaimer – We received samples from the manufacturer for reviewing.

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  1. I’m the same way – unsweetened iced tea all the way! Nothing like sun tea – can’t get more natural then that!

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