Drink Find: Reed’s Butterscotch Beer

Do you love cream soda? Rootbeer? You might also find yourself in love with Reed’s Butterscotch Beer, a very mellow take on pop. All natural and sweetened with a blend of sugar and Stevia, it is great ice-cold or in my fantasies as a Butterscotch Float…..let us say that I received a dozen bottles and only got one for myself. Everyone else siphoned it down! I don’t often bring pop into the house due to avoiding HFCS and a multiple of dyes so it was a treat for me (and as always, Reed’s gets a bonus nod for bottling in glass!). Kirk isn’t a huge fan of Stevia as a sweetener but as noted he didn’t mind it in the Butterscotch Beer. Being a blend of it and sugar you don’t get the aftertaste. Look for it in natural food stores and upscale grocery stores, next to Reed’s delicious ginger beer!


FTC Disclaimer: We received the product for potential review.

 photo a4bb5554-5319-4ddd-8ed6-4f719477d785_zps6fc09a16.jpg


  1. This sounds interesting. I’d have to try it!

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