April Vegan Food Swap Reveal

My friend Cat, who blogs at The Verdant Life, recently started a food swap –Β  that is a vegan friendly food swap. I sent a package to Carol at Couscouscarol, who I recognized as she does Foodie Pen Pal as well! I received a package from Cheryl at AmazinglyOrganic:

Gluten free cookies from Lucy’s:

Justin’s Nut Butter:

And she wasn’t kidding…the pumpkin butter and rice cakes go together – tasty! The pumpkin butter was my favorite of the box! Kirk recognized the jar, he used to live not far from where it is made. I could eat it on pretty much anything….

The Late July chips were tasty – I didn’t know they made chips before trying these. Crispy, crunchy and yum!

Want to join? Head over to Cat’s website and sign up! Want to see everyone’s “reveals”?


 photo a4bb5554-5319-4ddd-8ed6-4f719477d785_zps6fc09a16.jpg


  1. Wow! Cheryl picked out some really unique items for you! It’s so funny that Kirk recognized the pumpkin butter. Small world, eh?

    So glad to have you on board for the first Vegan Food Swap and looking forward to next month!

  2. WOW, you hit the jackpot!

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