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Wee “Pumpkins” & Pressing Cider

There is just something about mid-fall, when we get a few weeks of dry, crisp weather. I love that the boys are getting old enough to have fun and enjoy it. Kirk had to work on Saturday (ugh) so I got the two youngest dressed up and took them out to a farm tour, with our stop being at a favorite farm who sells at our local farmers market, The Mason Jar Farm. They were hosting an apple cider pressing, using their vintage 130-year old press. I can remember as a kid going out into the (far) country, picking apples and pressing the cider into jugs. This time I got lucky and didn’t have to pick nor press cider 😉 Win-win. And I got sent home with a gallon of the most delicious raw cider, a blend of tart and sweet apples. (Psst! Canning it is coming tomorrow!)

The boys were mostly fascinated by their chickens and were content to fight over feeding them. She has the prettiest chickens. You want free-range? Happy? Non-guilt producing egg producers? Yeah, I don’t feel bad enjoying these eggs. They are tasty and geez, the chickens like to be held!


While we were at the farm, the boys were loitering over by the treats table, which had some cute food trays, one being mini-pumpkins made with oranges (Cuties, Satsuma and similar). Oh, we had to do that!


Trying to keep Walker and Alistaire out of the oranges while I prepped them wasn’t easy! They really, really love baby oranges.

How to? Peel your mini oranges, removing as much pith (white) as you can. Arrange on plates or trays. Wash, dry and trim celery stalks, if wide, cut in half length-wise. Then cut sections on the bias, and insert down the center. Ta-Da! Instant mini-pumpkins. Take ’em to work and impress adults. Better for you than a bag of Reese’s Cups, ya know 😉


After the farm tour, we drove home and I headed down to the “lodge” where we live, it is on the lake which we live a block above. A couple of the ladies and I got together and put on a Halloween party for the kids in the neighborhood – it was a lot of fun and very busy! I manned the pizzas, and was producing a ton of them 🙂 I have really enjoyed being more active with my community this year and giving back. And the lodge has a near pro kitchen, so even more fun – how often do I get  two ovens at once?



Tomorrow? Let’s talk canning the apple cider!

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  1. The pumpkin oranges are so cute! Love that idea!! What a fun party for the neighborhood kids, too – I love being more involved with my community 🙂

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