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Simple Lunches: Tomato & Herb Pasta

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Want in on a secret? OK, a secret for those of who like to hike and backpack – and heck, just even plain travel – or even to work or school….it is an online store full of fun: Minimus. It is so much fun to get a box full of single serving items. You do have to think up ideas for it all, but that isn’t too hard! And they do free shipping with orders over $20.

This is a recipe I originally developed for my outdoors blog, TrailCooking:


With a few tweaks it is great for lunch or dinner for one, and if you happen to carry a small camping stove setup while car traveling on road trips (you should no matter what – with fuel and emergency food, in case your car breaks down…).


A simple one pot meal, vegetarian friendly. This is pretty similar to how I cook for the guys when we travel out to the coast, and stay in cabins. I sit outside on a picnic table, watching the waves come in, from the Pacific Ocean and cook dinner.


Even in winter it is fun! You just wear more clothing and run inside once it is cooked….someday I’ll have to do a post on the gear we carry when doing road trips – storage bins are your friend, so are checklists!


Tomato & Herb Pasta

Pack in a sandwich bag:

Also take:


Bring 2 cups water to boil in your pot, add in pasta and tomatoes and broth and oil packets. Cook for time directed on pasta package, lowering flame on stove as needed to maintain a gentle boil, stirring often.

Take off stove, stir in garlic, oregano and 3 of the cheese packets, Cover and let sit for a few minutes, top with last cheese packet.

Like it a bit spicier? Add a packet of crushed red pepper flakes.

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5 thoughts on “Simple Lunches: Tomato & Herb Pasta

  1. I’d love to see your road trip lists. A friend just got a car and we’re trying to do more camping, but we’re hopelessly unorganized and neither of us has much storage space. Last time I forgot the olive oil. 🙂

  2. I’d also be interested to see your lists. I’ve had to become comfortable with the idea of bringing along food and gear – even though we aren’t campers – when we travel. Because of our “extreme” diet it is very difficult to find decent food on trips so I bring nearly everything. Yes, lots of storage bins and totes.

    1. Annie, it is a hoot when we travel. With 3 kids, the van is loaded down. But my bins rarely fail! And bets of all, a bin lid makes a great sammie prep station 😉 I will do this as an upcoming post!

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