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“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

I recently was offered to become a Pull-Ups® First Flush Ambassador and after thinking it over, decided I could use the help! If anything, talking about our “adventure” might mean we get to the end of it! I’d love to be free of diapers.

You’d think potty-training two small children would be easy since I have done it once before…but you know it isn’t. If anything, it is harder. Because I know I have done it before, but yeesh, so many years have passed I don’t remember how I did it! When you start talking a dozen or so years….it doesn’t get any easier. And the oldest of the two young ones isn’t exactly happy with being potty-trained. He is fighting it every step of the way, and if it continues this way, his younger brother may be there first. Basically I am trying to get both of them trained at the same time, since the youngest seems interested. My theory is that they will get competitive and I win (maniacal laugh inserted here).

Have you checked out The Big Kids Academy? It has so much helpful information, that you will get inspired to try (or try again for the 20th time on a child).


A few weeks back, frustrated by a child that has ZERO interest in potty-training, I printed the Potty Training Progress Chart and have it posted in their bathroom. You cannot print out too many copies of this!


I backed off a bit, to let Walker settle into the idea, and to work on my training techniques. Obviously what I was doing was not working for him. It worked for Alistaire, but not for him. It can be so much easier to just cave, and let them wear diapers. And then that fear comes up “This kid isn’t going to be trained by school!”.

So…in the next month or so I am hoping that we will be a happy family, and find ways to get the boys to being big kids. Now…I am off to read up on rewards. And I think there is a large bag of Skittles needed. I am OK with bribery.

You can also find more help on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

PS: Moms, I’d love to hear your feedback, on what worked for you. Or how you worked with one that didn’t want to?

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  1. um, this is not happening in our house. There is some interest due to peer modeling at daycare, but I just don’t think Knox is physically ready. He is wearing pull ups at daycare, and absolutely loves them. Using wearing pull ups as a reward works somewhat – he will go a few drops but is still wet between trips/changes. Food rewards don’t work – m&ms get me a blank stare. Other reward ideas? Ideas on how to teach him how to “hold” it between trips? Otherwise I just don’t think he’s ready. He will probably be 4+ before we are all said and done.
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    • The only thing that worked with my oldest son, back in the day, was hiking. He’d happily wear Pull-Ups all day long. But oh, he HATED changing on the trail in cold and rain 😉 2 weeks later he was trained. Maybe I need to do that agin 😀
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    • Robin says:

      4 is not an uncommon age to finally be potty trained,especially for boys.
      Don’t worry.
      It will happen when the child is ready, different children are ready at different times.
      Just keep it as positive as you can. Kids sense our stress and tend to internalize it.

  2. skubitwo says:

    for my oldest, having dad teach him how to pee on trees while hiking did the trick.
    sadly, this meant he tried to pee on the courthouse lawn in a town we were walking in one trip.
    for my second, nothing worked, until horribly – we had tried to be considerate of his feelings and not scold him, etc – horribly, his best bud at the home pre-school said ” pee-yew. you stink awful. i don’t want to play with you until you go potty”. after that comment, my son was done with diapers….and yes, he and his friend were buds again.
    so, it’s magic that never works the same way.


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