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When my middle son, Walker, was born in 2010 I never questioned what brand of diapers I would use. It would be Huggies, and nothing else. Kirk was scratching his head over that I am sure, but even with 12 years between Walker and Ford, I knew what I liked. With my oldest son, Ford, I had tried the store brands and other name brands, in the quest of “saving” money, only to learn my lesson. Huggies were often as economical, and many times less money. And I didn’t waste 3 to 4 outfits a day to the dirty laundry basket, all because of ill-fitting diapers that leaked. When Alistaire, our youngest, was born I took a pack of Huggies with me to the hospital, knowing the hospital only provided a sad excuse for diapers (scented…yuck, which gave him a skin rash). By then Kirk knew to load up the cart with red and white boxes of Snug & Dry. Good man!


“I can keep drinking all the juice I want if I get the good diapers!”

What were the features that caused total brand loyalty for me? 

  • No perfume. Seriously, who puts scents in diapers? The same people who scent toilet paper? Not only can I not use scented products, but I don’t want this on my children’s sensitive skin.
  • Side tabs that don’t rip off. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to put a store brand diaper and right as I go to bring the side tab over the front, the whole tab rips off. Yeah, because I don’t enjoy throwing away a NEW diaper that was a “saving” at 17 cents a diaper. No, I just wasted 17 cents! One batch of store brand diapers I had 10 of them do this in ONE package. I was steaming over it.
  • No plastic feeling outer cover. They leave the baby all sweaty. The even worse combination? Plastic cover and scented. Oy. That should be banned!
  • Diapers oddly cut. For me, somehow nearly no other brand is cut right. When they are newborns you don’t want thigh gap!
  • Preemie and Newborn diapers that are like velvet on their skin. When my oldest was born a month early, this was so amazing.
  • Not leaking, even on long car rides and sitting in backpack carriers while hiking. Like a happy Alistaire below!


I learned early on that when hiking with wee ones, you put them in the best. Otherwise, having a soggy diaper on a baby, especially when front carrying, is something you do NOT want to experience.

In addition to the same trusted Leak Lock® protection parents have come to love, only Huggies® Snug & Dry Diapers have SureFit*Design, to provide long-lasting fit for up to 12 hours of leakage protection.

Huggies_Snug & Dry
Features include:
• SnugFit* Waistband for All-Around Fit
• Now closer-to-body fit to move with baby’s twists and turns
• Now softer outer cover
• Vibrant, modern Mickey Mouse graphics

Available in 6 sizes, from Size 1 (up to 14 lbs) through Size 6 (over 35 lbs).

Suggested retail price of $9.99 for a Jumbo Pack and $19.99 for a Big Pack (diaper count varies based on diaper size). Available nationwide at retail outlets where diapers are sold.

And want a fun time-waster, that your kids will love to play with you? That can also help others?

Visit the Huggies Challenge website to take the Huggies® Challenge – complete challenges and win prizes. For every new challenge completed (4 are added each month!), Huggies Every Little Bottom will donate diapers to a baby in need. Which to me, is an amazing thing! I realize only too well how hard it is when you can’t buy enough diapers for your little one. I was a single mom to my oldest son, so it hits a spot in me hard. It is a horrible choice too many parents are forced to make.

Have fun, help others! Please visit, every baby deserves a dry bottom, and if you have a few minutes free time you can help out.

Like The Blueberry Breakfast game, that challenges you to find differences in the scene:



And yes, look who got her badge. I had fun, learned about products and helped out a child in need :-) And I kept playing games with Walker, he was having lots of fun.


When you take the Huggies Challenge, you can win Huggies Rewards Points, which can be used towards free diapers and free samples. Also, two lucky Testers will win Huggies Diapers & Wipes for an entire year! Drawings for these prizes will take place on May 12th and August 25th.

Until then, let your babes have fun goofing off – and not worrying. This diaper can handle it!


FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Huggies, but my love for Snug & Dry is all my own.

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  1. So true! You don’t save money if the diapers don’t work. I hate dealing with cheap diapers and blow-outs that double my laundry and ruin outfits. Great review!

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