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Learning To Sew Kits For Children

Anytime I have a child in my life who wants to learn to sew, I am all for it. The story behind the why?


When I was a child, we had an old Singer treadle machine and a decrepit Brother machine. Neither of which I had any clue how to use. My Mom wasn’t exactly talented in the fiber crafts. But she could sew a button on fine, throw patches on, and darn a sock. She taught me how to hand sew, and later on I got lucky and was forced into taking Home Ec in Junior High (I just gave away my age in saying I took that…..). Turned out I was a natural with sewing. It came to me relatively easy. But the key was I learned hand first, then later on machines. So with kids, encouraging hand sewing is vital.

Learning To Sew Kits For Children? Yes! Sometimes a kit can be just the thing 🙂


Walker has really expressed a huge interest in learning to sew this year, and while I had taught him some basics using felt sheets, yarn and yarn needles, these kits are just so much easier (and fun). And they get to make 3 stuffed toys as well!

The Orb Factory Sew Softies Woodland Kit

The proof that we finished it and didn’t cause me to rip my hair out 😉 Walker is 5.5, so he needed my help still, but an older child of 7 and up should be able to do nearly all by themselves.



And the The Orb Factory Sew Softies Sea Creatures Kit is our next project.


My friend’s daughter just turned 9, and I saw this kit – Creativity for Kids Fleece Fashions Scarf, Gloves & Headband Making Kit – and knew it was a good choice. Heck, I would have had a lot of fun when I was a kid with this one. (Oh heck, I’d have fun now….)

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