Thank You For The Reading

Nearly 10 years ago I started writing Gazing In. It was the fall of 2008 and blogging had barely begun on the internet.

At the time, I was overwhelmed. I was an outdoor writer, who was exhausted by my nearly all male audience, that often felt the need to remind me I was a woman and what did I know about the great outdoors? I felt pigeon holed, and wanted to be able to write about more in my life.

WordPress.com had been making noise and I looked into it. I was hooked and started a personal blog, for things in my life that I wanted to talk about: Life, Family, and Recipes.

Gazing In took me through the years of trying for children, to having two boys in two years, and the years that slipped by after. It took me to many places. It was a sanctuary from my outdoor writing. I met many women via blogging, some who I call friends. The events and trips were the icing on it.

But, as with all things, life changed. As my boys entered into school the past few years, I found myself slipping away from writing the way I had. Blogging has changed (does anyone call them self a blogger these days? It’s still better than claiming to be a social influencer or worse….a maven). I haven’t felt the need to go to blogger conferences, or doing sponsored trips/work in years. I sit here, and now have a 6 and 8 year older – who will be in 1st and 3rd grades next year. In 2014 we started the long process of becoming farmers. We moved this winter, and bought 5 acres in a rural setting, on an island. I have spent the past 3 months outside, instead of inside. What I found I truly loved was writing about our homesteading, gardening and our farm. It is my life currently. Will that change? I am sure it will eventually.

Originally I didn’t write recipes for the blog of Never Free Farm, I posted them here on Gazing In. But keeping up 3 blogs isn’t easy, and Never Free is who I am now. In the past few months, I started posting everything on Never Free. I would love to have you follow me there, if you have enjoyed our recipes here.

Also find me at Trail Cooking for my outdoor writing (and backpacking & camping recipes!) –

Thank you for the last ten years. It was a great run!

~ Sarah Kirkconnell