Joggermom Virtual Marathon May 2011

One of the ladies I met through our local Stroller Strides class had posted a link to Joggermom Marathon 2011 so I checked it out.

What a fun concept! Do the equivalent of a marathon in the month of May, using my GPS to map my distance daily – and grabbing digital photos of my workouts. Then keeping track of how much I run (OK, for me it is jogging) on a simple spreadsheet. I have been increasing my jogging in my workouts, slowly getting used to it – I can walk all day but jogging is still hard. Something about monthly charts though keep me honest and doing it!

I signed up and am excited about it starting tomorrow! I will be posting my runs (jog sessions) as I do them this month for everyone to see. Lets hope by the end of May I am stronger! I am sure our trainer will be super happy to hear I am pushing myself πŸ˜‰

And PS: If anyone signs up let me know, I would love to have some virtual partners!


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