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Upcycled Advent Calendar


Last year I wrote about the up-cycled advent calendar I made for the boys. 24 stage 2 glass baby food jars, cleaned and lids painted. Circling a mini 2 foot high tree, decorated in deep blue.


The boys loved it, it went over well. 24 days of candy? Well, yeah, no wonder. I packed up the jars and tree, stowing it away.


This year I updated it a bit, adding snowflake stickers to the jars, more ornaments for the tree, a matching mini tree skirt. The candy focus this year is allergy-friendly, so that Alistaire can have some as well. Last year it was only Ford and Walker, now I have 3 boys competing. And since I found naturally dyed peppermint candies even I can sneak one or two.


Last year we didn’t put up the big tree, this year? I have the advent calendar ready, and Walker and I just finished a second 2 foot tree for the entryway. And come Thanksgiving, the big tree will be back up 🙂 It was missed last year! Last week I took the boys shopping for the annual picking out of an ornament for the tree, one each. Walker decided that he and B (Alistaire) needed Thomas and Percy ornaments. My little trees all match, my big tree…is a happy mish-mash from latte cups to trains, to snowhoes. That is a cool thing really!


Now I wait till the big tree is up, then I can tuck the little tree in front!


PS: My interview with Blogging On The Side was posted today – love it! Check it out if you have the time, there is always something new to learn from their site.

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