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Snowglobes In A Mason Jar

I found my inspiration for this craft on MasonJarCraftsLove for dry snowglobes in mason jars – all the prettiness without the fear of liquid going everywhere if/when one gets broken…..

Taking my idea, I went shopping at the local Dollar Store, which has small Christmas Village town parts for sale – and the accessories needed, which are the size needed: trees, snowmen, human figures and so on. Hobby and craft stores carry similar, but this is a cheap way to do it. I also picked up a bag of plain epsom salts, in the health and beauty section. A bargain for them.

In her version she used glue patches, but since I am cheap, I used good ol’ Elmer’s glue. Take a wide mouth mason lid, setting the ring/band aside. Thinly spread glue across, then stick on items as desired. Let dry overnight.


I found pint jars to work best, unless you have tall trees, then use quart. With the jars right side up, pour in a little epsom salts, depending on how deep you want the “snow” to be. Gently fit the tree in the top of the jar, seal jar with the ring/band, then flip over. And ta-da! Instant snow globe:


Easy to make and if you decide to not keep for later years use, just clean and return the jars and bands to your canning cupboard! Walker and Alistaire had a lot of fun making these, we spent out-of-pocket under $5 to make 3 of them.

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