Two Months of Cuteness

Yes, I am biased – and who isn’t with their children? 😉

Walker is now over 4 months old (scary to think next week he will be 5 months already!). He has grown so much since I last blogged about my children in June.

I took him up to the snow for the first time at Mt. Rainier NP in the end of June:

He wasn’t overly impressed – the sun was much too bright at 5500 feet and he didn’t care for the snow. I knew right there that he was his Daddy’s clone. Withe the pale white skin and red overtones alpine is not his friend. I learned from this to carry an umbrella with me and shade him.

At the end of June:

Early July hiking in the cold at Rainier – it was a very non-PNW summer to say the least. It alternated between cold and blazing hot. In my search for a functional front carrier I came across a Kelty Kangaroo Infant Carrier on Amazon. It has worked well so far on our hikes though with him on my front we cannot do steep or longer trails. I cannot breathe as deep as normal! Soon enough though he will be on my back 🙂

In the middle of July out hiking in Mt. Rainier NP once again. We did the Silver Falls Loop on this trip:

Not sure about his first bites of cereal in late July. He likes his spoons that I picked up, Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon – 6 Pack He loves licking bananas and melon slices now though.

Lazing in the shade in early August:

Walker is happy a lot. No complaints!

A very happy baby in August:

Hiking with me at Mt. Rainier NP (Sunrise area) in August and quite unhappy I had lowered the umbrella. We were at 6400 feet so he was not happy with the sun!

In Daddy’s arms this past weekend:

It has been a busy two months 🙂 And I love it!


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