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Photos From A Little One’s Birthday Day

Our little one turned 1 today so it was all about him today! And yes, I bought him a corny terry cloth crown at Target in the baby section. How could I resist it? My little baby is a strapping little toddler today….I wanted him to be my little baby just a tiny bit longer!

“Make the paparazzi go away!”

We had a really nice morning/early afternoon. It was warm and sunny most of the day, even though rain had been predicted. He was happy outside and spent a long time standing barefoot without me after Kirk took the photo. He has really found his “standing” by himself and is now corner walking though he hasn’t attempted to walk across the room yet. Soon enough! He loves crawling and furniture cruising, I am in no rush to say the least!

Our little birthday boy!

Playing with one of his new toys – Mega Bloks Play ‘n Go Table – he was totally in love with it as soon as he saw the box. I think I picked that out perfectly! And it encourages him to stand – he spent a good 30 minutes playing away on it tonight! I had seen it on a great sale at Toys r’ Us a couple weeks ago. I just need to pick up some more blocks for him, it will grow nicely with him the next couple years.

Babies cake:

He promptly stuck his sock in it…oops! But someone loved it.

Off to the high chair to make a good mess!

A worn out baby crawled into his bed and is snoozing away ๐Ÿ™‚


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