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The Challenge: Worldwide WordPress 5K

This week the folks at WordPress are promoting a global 5K for April 10th but are encouraging everyone to do it when they have time – from the 4th through the 10th. Challenge Accepted! A 5K might seem daunting but all it is a hair over 3 miles. And you needn’t run, walking is just fine!

I can remember the first time I did a 10K – I think in 1998 or 1999. There was supposed to be a separate walking 10K and then I was the only person who showed up! So I ended up running most of it and thankfully didn’t come in last. (Competitiveness can be good and also painful for the days after!) 5K’s to me are minimum hiking – enough to stretch out the legs and get your lungs full of fresh air. Where we live it is a private community (no, there isn’t gates!) and it is a couple main roads with many side roads that are one-way with speed bumps. This means that with no thru traffic and slowed speeds it is quite safe to walk at all hours. No sidewalks but again, the slow traffic and one-way means easy walking. It is full of rolling hills, a few steep ones and if I am feeling frisky/over achieving I keep going and walk to Safeway for a latte at Starbucks for a 5+ mile round-trip. But today I did a loop of sorts in the community.

So today Walker and I set out between rain storms. We were both well prepared so when it dumped a couple times we bucked it. In the PNW it never hurts to have a water resistant cover and a large umbrella for Mom…..

Starting off at zero (I leave the Garmin Forerunner 305 attached to the jogger) –

Walker’s trusty BOB Revolution jogger stroller –

My little man keeping me company –

Outside of the rain and often having the umbrella over my head and pushing with one hand we did see a lot of urban living, notably all the trees in pink splendor –

This spring does bring some good news – since the end of 2008 I have watched so many houses go into foreclosure, noting changes over months and even years, as I walk the neighborhoods. This spring has brought change – fewer new foreclosures and more of the old ones now sold and being lived in. It brings a new sense of community finally.

We puttered and finally got back home, with me late to make dinner at 6 pm. My time wasn’t so great, due to many stops to adjust little one. But that is OK, as long as I am out there walking I am fine with it –

Fun way to squeeze a 5K in as the day was slowing down!


41 thoughts on “The Challenge: Worldwide WordPress 5K

  1. Great that you also have join the WW WP 5K!
    I did to and it def isn’t that hard…It’s a distance of nothing 😉
    Nice pictures!

  2. OK, that jogger-stroller is like a baby Lexus. Makes me want to take a ride in it!


    Great job, and fun post. Looks like the trees know spring is on its way — yay!

  3. I love this idea. For sure going to run our 5K on Sunday. A lot of time people don’t realize it’s not that difficult. This is a great way to get people in shape and hopefully catch the running bug. I ran my first 5k almost exactly two years ago and I caught the bug immediately. Since then I have run four 5k’s and 3 Half Marathons. We all have to start somewhere. I hope everyone does this and kudos to you! I love it! My tagline is this…Always start to finish. Never finish with regret.

  4. What a delightful post – himself and I are doing 5km three times a week for exercise and loving every minute it 🙂 Congrats on being FP and great pics by the way!

  5. On my lunch hour I walk at least one mile a day. So for the week I’ll walk 5 miles. I can’t imagine not being able to get out of the office and being rejuvenated with fresh air and the outside surroundings. I think I would die without being able to do some kind of exercise!

  6. I missed the challenge. I will be taking it on, without a problem as I am scheduled to compete in a walking half marathon on May 1st. This is an easy training challenge Good and Interesting Blog.

  7. What! A 5K? Oh man, I should have started jogging again this year sooner. Argh, been too busy writing about superhero stuff to go out and do superhero stuff. Grats on FP!

  8. Excellent challenge. Your “little man” is precious. Mine if 4 and those smiles are enough to keep me plugging along.

  9. Just did the 5K with a so-so time of 37mins. Rugged terrain didn’t help but I was having so much fun that I decided to double the distance and ended with a 1h 15.47m time. Nice

  10. I love my BOB…I have a double! I just did a “5k” on the treadmill yesterday at the gym! I guess I joined the club I didn’t even know was formed!

  11. That’s great, I’m doing the 5K too! I love to run, though. Every morning I go for a run along the beach with my friends, and so 5K? Pretty easy for us! My friends don’t blog, though we’re all going to do this, because, well, we just want too.
    Good luck on yours, and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!
    Ashley, aka TheEverydayMuser

  12. That’s a good idea, 5K it’s not that hard to do but hard to start. Thanks to remind me for doing my 5K. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed

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