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Late Summer Garden Tally

Finally in the 3rd week of August we got warm weather. Well at least for a couple of days. The weather having been so cool this year has been good and bad for my yard. Well, in many ways it has been spectacular for the plants – they have grown lushly with no heat stress to cause bolting/going to seed. So even if my berry crops were miserable near fails this year the plants have done well growing. I have to look at it as a positive for next summer. I don’t look at my garden as a one year thing – you have to think out years ahead. Especially if you are growing Blueberries, herbs and similar.

Walker checking out some of the Blueberries, the older bushes that are 4 to 5 feet tall and in most years good producers. In the past week suddenly the very green berries have ripened. We finally got to enjoy some berries, although a good month behind schedule. Walker loves if I pop the berry so he can suck out the inside. Smart boy!

All gone so why hang around….


Last year I ripped out the majority of my herb plants in the front yard. I wasn’t happy with the look, which was a bummer because they were very large and healthy plants overall. It was mostly Rosemary though. So this past Spring I picked up new plants and started them out in containers. I am slowly trying to replicate what I had when I lived on The Island. I have always wondered did the people who moved in after I moved, did they appreciate my 8 foot high Rosemary plant that was 6 feet wide? Probably not…hah.

One thing I never plant in the garden, in the ground that is, is anything in the Mint family. When we bought the house years ago I spent many a Spring day picking out Lemon Balm out of the ground. AGH! That stuff is horrid to get rid of and is like concrete. So my Spearmint, Curly Mint, Chocolate Mint, Lemon Mint and so forth grow happily in containers. My Stevia plant has done well and the Curry plant is producing lovely flowers, as is the Thai Basil (light lavender flowers!) and the Chamomile calls to the bees.

The front yard I still need to figure out where to go from but I did keep the ring of Lavender plants that frames the yard. They are always full of bees so just for that reason I will keep them!

So much more to do. I figure at some point I will be there – a sustainable yard that attracts bees, birds and squirrels that produces berries and other edible treats….and is easy to maintain. Now if I can find even more Alpine Strawberries next year my alpine garden in the upper corner will get closer to my fantasy!


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