How Does My Garden Grow…..

After a couple miserable days of kitchen flops…I was thinking I had found a recipe that was going to be great. Nope. Another gluten-free/vegan kitchen disaster in the compost bin. I guess in a way it isn’t a bad thing…eventually I’ll have really nice compost to till into the soil in our garden. The heat is kicking the garden up like crazy and suddenly we have produce every day to pick. Walker is loving it! Berries, summer squashes and so much more. Heck, baby Alistaire is loving it. They’d spend all day out there if they could.

So this? Corn. I planted it as an experiment for Walker. I didn’t think it would actually grow. Five stalks growing in a re-purposed kitty litter container. Holes drilled in the bottom, lined with rocks, then soil. And wow…..I have pretties! Walker was very interested in it, so I guess my $2 bag on non-GMO heirloom corn paid off? 😉


The swimming pool experiment is also working well. We are picking baby carrots daily. Honestly? I could eat them all without sharing. Home grown carrots are on a level stores cannot match. In the same kiddie pool are globe zucchini plants, which are producing a lot. I better get working on them soon or I will be chucking them at my neighbors.



We picked the first roma tomato today, it was deep red and so freaking good. And let me say…it was 1 more tomato than I got last year (when I had very bad luck with a Purple Cherokee plant and got ZERO tomatoes). Fingers crossed twice, my 6 tomato plants are loaded with tomatoes. If they ripen, it is going to be a feast. Droool!




And I found out tonight I won a starter kit from The Little Green Pouch via Hip Foodie Mom’s blog! This is going to be fantastic in using all the produce to make meals for Alistaire, he loves squeeze pouches!

Tomorrow is farmer market morning and then…I hope to have a success in baking for the little one. We shall see. If not I can always go sit out in my garden, in the shade, with a tall lemonade and be lazy 😉 A kayak makes a nice footrest I might add. And eat fresh raspberries. Summer livin’ should be easy, right?



2 thoughts on “How Does My Garden Grow…..

  1. Funny…Natie & I had plans today & he’s just over it…asked to stay home. Maybe I’ll take some of that time to sit in the garden & enjoy the beauty too!

    1. It was nice this morning – overcast and a tiny drizzle. Perfect shopping weather at the farmers market. Cooked a bunch and now just chilling 😀

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