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Book Reviews: 3 New From The Complete Idiot’s Guide Series

As I was writing my 10th post for NaBloPoMo (being that it is November 10th), it occurred to me that not only am I working my way through a pile of review books that were overwhelming me, that beyond decluttering my bedside table there was another bonus. What? Well, I live in a private community with a Facebook page that we use often (before anyone starts imagining I live in a posh, manicured area with gates…hah, I wish. It does keep out meat salesmen though!). So I have been posting all the books I have reviewed for others to enjoy. The titles get snapped up quickly – and heck, I’d be in line! Then after I give them all away, I load up the jogger stroller with the boys and books, and we go walking. There is 9 miles of roads in our community, and with my luck it encourages me to get in a few miles. But more than that I am meeting more of my neighbors. I have met more people this year alone than I met the first 8 years we lived here! It is like meeting strangers to hike with – they are only strangers once. Once you meet a few, then public events are more likely to happen where large groups come. I love that with some of the others here, we are making a real community happen! And I get outside, so even better. Speaking of that… I have books to deliver tomorrow!

Three new titles from The Complete Idiot’s Guide Series featuring views on lowering cholesterol, encouraging a higher use of coconut oil and dropping weight. Maybe a mish-mash of titles, but since they are all health related lets start discussing!


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Coconut Oil Diet (Idiot’s Guides): This book has me on the fence. I do believe that coconut oil in its virgin state is healthy for the body, that it cooks and bakes wonderfully and is a champ in DIY beauty aids. But…I am not so sure I buy everything the author touts – from reversing Dementia to wiping out viruses. Although, it is one of those things where it doesn’t hurt a person to try it. While I enjoyed the book for its many recipes and uses of the oil, I kind of lost it when the discussion delved into wiping out AID’s. Just didn’t sit well with me. Maybe it does work, but does it give false hope? I have a real issue with authors touting “health cures” as fact when there isn’t a lot of studies. So…read for the recipes, for making deodorant, cleaning products and more….but take the rest with a grain of salt. Although I will concede that coconut oil rubbed into a baby’s scalp is a miracle cure for cradle cap! I did that last year for weeks with Alistaire, and it hasn’t come back (I rub it on his skin where he has Eczema worst as well).


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the TLC Diet: A book on lowering and controlling cholesterol that lets one eat meat? Huh. There is a shocker now days.But…if one is eating a traditional American diet, heavy in meat, fast food, fried foods and more, this could be a healthy start to a better diet. For one, the amount of meat in the recipes is small (instead of a pound of ground meat, it might be half a pound and beans added). Adapting the body to a more whole-foods way, less sugar, less refined carbs and more. An excellent primer for those looking for a new way.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Losing 20 Pounds in 2 Months Fast-Track: At first look, this book comes across as slightly shady. Until one sits down and reads it. If you follow the book you WILL lose the weight claimed. It is solid advice: eat less and exercise. Is it maintainable? Maybe, maybe not. But for short-term it will. The diet has 4 levels of calorie intake, starting at 1,200 calories per day. It isn’t a starvation diet by any means (unlike the crackpot hormone diets where you eat like 500 calories a day!). A food log, a scale and actually working out must be done – without cheating and “forgetting” about it. Which means….if I put myself to it I am sure I could do it as well. But….I’ll admit it: I am lazy. I am OK with working out and watching what I eat, but logging food is b-o-r-i-n-g. Maybe if I had a dream trip where I had to be in a bikini (oh please, I hate hot beaches!)….

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FTC Disclaimer: We received advance copies.

2 thoughts on “Book Reviews: 3 New From The Complete Idiot’s Guide Series

  1. Knox had cradle cap and I used olive oil – that worked really well. Back then (three whole years, ha) I didn’t know anything about coconut oil. I don’t know if that’s because coconut oil wasn’t hip and mainstream yet or because I wasn’t as into whole foods and more natural living as I am now.
    I have to admit I’m finding it harder to use coconut oil now that it is perpetually cold and solid. Measuring two tablespoons is a pain for blend so I only do it a couple times a week. I’m reaching more often for olive oil now because it’s easier to deal with. Any ideas of how to keep it soft? Storing it on the fridge or stove doesn’t work in our house.

    1. Ooh, I know what you mean. My house is cold as well.I have taken to either scraping out some and nuking it or heating up the jar in a small pot of water. But…olive oil is so much easier 😉

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