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A Walk To Ruby Beach


The previous weekend we took the boys to one of our favorite winter spots, Kalaloch Lodge, on the Olympic Peninsula. After having fantastic storms all weekend, it cleared Sunday morning for a few hours and we ventured out to Ruby Beach before we headed home.

Ruby Beach is one of my favorite beaches. It sits right off Hwy 101, as the road sweeps along the coast, the first beach after being inland. It is a popular one for that, but also it just is gorgeous and has so much to see – from a creek, a forested walk down and sea stacks.


Speaking of the forested walk down, there sits a bench that the boys love. All cozy, eh? A few seconds later Alistaire nearly pushed Walker off. Oh well.


Even if all one can do is walk half-way down to this spot and sit for awhile and watch the ocean. The kids have been here often. I spread my Mom’s ashes on this beach, it means a lot to me.


A quick walk down the forest to the beach…..


Walker explaining to Alistaire all about logs….even if he can’t read.


The tide was at high, backing up into the mouth of the creek. In summer the creek is shallow and easily crossed to the other side, for great summer beach walking.


A group of fishermen came down, and forded the creek. Having forded many a creek/small rivers, doing it in fall or winter is rarely fun. One of those things I don’t do unless I HAVE to.


The first 4 made it across with no issue. The last 2 had more “fun”. The last guy I am sure was wide awake after he went into a deep spot up to his crotch. He timed the waves wrong 😉


It was a pretty day: Sunny, windy, storm coming in…..


Getting the 2 youngest to head back was hard, they wanted to stay as long as they could! A million rocks to toss? Oh yes.But there wasn’t much beach left with the tide.


I bribed them with looking at logs in the forest. It was an easy and fun dayhike, perfect for small children. And as long as I am with them, that leaves me happy.

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