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Little Lighthouse

Somewhere last week Walker asked about lighthouses and really, really wanted to see one “in person”. Which was doable, as we were picking up my brother from the ferry dock in Mulkiteo, Wa for Thanksgiving. My brother still lives on Whidbey Island, so he walks onto the ferry and we meet him on the mainland.


There sits a tiny lighthouse by the dock. It was built-in 1906 and has a fascinating history.


Only bummer was it was after sunset so while he could see the light up high, he couldn’t see the building. Still, it made him happy. To a point. So I made sure when we took my brother back on Saturday, it was daytime. Walker was very excited and ran all the way up to it.


“Mama, you be quiet!”


Mama’s Lil’ Photo Bomber –


They got to watch Uncle David’s ferry leave the dock as well –


This lighthouse had some neat buildings in its day – this is the “Assistant Keepers House”. Which, yowza… nice.


The view from behind, on the beach –


Two happy boys, watching the ferry come in –


Up next I am hoping to take the boys to see the Admiralty Head Lighthouse, outside of Coupeville, which is halfway up Whidbey Island. I know Walker will love that one. You can walk to the top and look out across to the Olympic Mountains, across the water. I love encouraging them to explore!

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