Unlike most of the USA this winter….it has been “interesting” here in the PNW. By that, it has been unseasonably cold/warm and dry. Like so dry my skin is cracking and my nose bleeding. And that isn’t normal weather. Especially in the mountains where there is only a tiny bit of snow and it is in the 60’s during the day! Freezing once the sun goes down, then warm all day! Bulbs are coming up, new leaves on the bushes…not very wintery! Although it has been great for getting outside, even doing garden work I had ignored the past few months. And park visits!


“Keep scratching mah back, B!”

Last night as I was getting into bed I heard something I hadn’t heard in weeks: rain. And wow, did it rain all night – and is still raining. We might even get snow where it belongs (in Le Mountains), if it keeps going. And it is back to the 40-50’s in temps πŸ™‚

And wow, have I missed it! So did Walker, because as soon as he got up today, he wanted to know where his and Alistaire’s rubber boots were, so they could go mud puddle stomping. Which then led to me thinking about this info-graphic. Hilarious history! BTW, mine are blue plaid and knee high. The boys have dinosaurs and flames πŸ˜€ Now to go find some mud……

Rain Boots Infographic: Little-Known Facts About the Common Rain Boot

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