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Living A Life

As spring settles in, this reminds me daily that my blogs and writing are not everything. I have children, and yes, a life I need to live. It now sits in a curio box above my desk, a short and quiet reminder that if it is sunny, you don’t stay inside!


Kirk and I had been talking the past few years about moving. For me it was so overwhelming to even get to point A and think about houses. But something changed this winter in me. I knew it wasn’t just we wanted, but we needed a better layout. When we bought this house nearly 10 years ago there were only 3 of us in it, and neither of us worked from home. Kirk’s office has no door and often I have to leave the house or keep the boys upstairs (and reasonably quiet) during his conference calls. What worked 2 years ago doesn’t anymore. I have three loud children. Sigh. So…in under 18 days we move! We found a house on a much bigger lot (shocking in our county) and it backs up to a greenbelt that will not be built on (it is a trail!). I will be in the heart of town, in walking distance to stores, library, lakes and more. My goal is to quit driving as much as I can. We are moving less than 2 miles away, so at least it isn’t somewhere new. Kirk will have a quiet office, the boys will have a large play area and I will still have somewhere to garden – and I can go hiking whenever I feel like it!

But ah, my garden. That I have spent much time in love with, tending to and building. I couldn’t leave it behind. With spring here, and the days counting down, I have been busy thinning out the gardens. Some will stay, and if anything it will look better in the coming years, with no overcrowding.


I am leaving 21 blueberry plants, 7 rhubarb, 1 kiwi, some herbs and all my rose bushes.


This is what a few days of sun leads to – yes, I have THAT many pots of blueberries, huckleberries, raspberries, herbs and more to move. All my garden decor is tucked away as well. The main vegetable beds are covered with yard cloth, the rhubarb is growing fast, the kiwi is covered in leaves. My grape plants died though 🙁 I did more work today, tidying up, weeding and moving around strawberry runners to fill spots.

And tonight? We went pending on the sale of our home. We never had it up for sale officially. Our plan had been to move, then get the renovations done in a few weeks after, then put it up. Well….we have a buyer who wants to live in this community, with friends just houses away! Knowing our house will have kids in it makes me so very happy!


As I sat outside tonight, after dinner, I realized I will miss this yard. I have put so much of myself into it the past 4 years. But having no neighbors behind us at all? And a much bigger yard? Oh I can be swayed. I will make it work, I will put in my plants and call it my new home. Give it a year or two, and it will be amazing.

So here is to everything being as smooth as it can be.

2 thoughts on “Living A Life

  1. Sounds as if you found a really special spot, Sarah. Moving is one of the worst things to do – but once you’re settled and make it your own – it will have all been worth it. Kel and I are in the same “place;” needing a new space, but having a difficult time getting past the inertia.

    1. Annie, that is it: it was so hard to actually get looking. And there are so few houses for sale as well here (that are not foreclosures or short sales!). We lost out on one house that I really, really loved and I was blah after that. But Kirk warmed me up to the house we are buying. And the kitchen sealed it. It is open!!

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