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A Week In My New Home

Hard to wrap my mind around that it has been over a week since we moved into our new home! We have stayed in the same town, but now we are “in town” – literally a 2 block walk to shopping! Our house backs up to a rail to trail that runs through town. We had been thinking for a few years of moving, we had no extra space in our old house. 10 years ago, when we bought that house, it was just Kirk, me and Ford and neither of us worked from home. Now with 5 of us, and both os us working from home….well, it wasn’t going so well. Especially as Kirk is often on calls and needs quiet.


What won me over besides walking accessibility (I can walk to shopping, library, park and lake and lots more) was the lot size. Most lot sizes in this county are small now, this one predated the changes in King County, Wa. The backyard is massive, with no neighbors behind us 😉 Just a green belt that shouldn’t change much.


I finally have had time to get some work done in the new yards and have found so far 4 Lilac bushes! I used to have a white one, when I lived on the Island. I love the smell in the sun. And 3 of them are in bloom right now.


Our backyard has a hidden gate to access the trail. The previous owners didn’t seem to do much in the backyard, so Ford will have to help me clear a short path to use it. Lop lop lop!


I could sit on the deck in the evening smelling the flowers.


One of the retention ponds in the neighborhood uses a goat and sheep for hire service. It is the place to be for kids when they are there 😉


I have no idea what this tree is. There are a few in the yard I am clueless on. A few things are coming out (or have been dug out already), this one will stay, it looks good.


And we had enough space downstairs to have an exercise area! With ventilation!


I am working frantically on getting the plants into the new yard. Between rain storms. At least the bees have stopped by already!


And fresh eggs from my favorite local farm? Oh yes. That green-blue one was amazing!

Someday I will be unpacked and able to find everything!

4 thoughts on “A Week In My New Home

  1. “Someday I will be unpacked and able to find everything!”

    Good luck; I’m still working on that after 25 years!

      1. I’m finding unopened boxes from our move three years ago! Mostly photos and keepsakes from college/early twenties. I spent an entire afternoon this week going through those boxes, just to seal them back up again. Probably won’t be opened until our next move, whenever that will be.

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