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Putting The Garden To Bed For The Winter

Saturday morning we woke to this:


No Buffalo storm, but we did get 2″ of snow, a low-elevation treat for Thanksgiving weekend. (We live at a bit over 500 feet, but are right against the foothills of the Cascade Mountains)


The Toad & Gnome House though….it needed digging out 😉


I love snow falling. Everything is hushed and quiet. And it isn’t as if we had anywhere to be.


The Rosemary bushes, tucked into their beds under a layer of white….for Rosemary here, the snow is fine. It is hibernating, and will come back in spring.


Frozen Crabapples, the last few waiting for hungry animals….


Which it seems there is a roaming cat in the area…..


The little elf (Walker) helped me brush off snow.


But even with everything closed up outside, and asleep for the coming winter, my mind drifts to next spring. I received a Gourmet Chia Herb Garden last week, and soon I will set it up in my sunniest window, for a little winter fun.


And not one to pass up screaming deals on Amazon over the Black Weekend, Kirk snagged me a Akro-Mils RZJMEDI Medium Stack-A-Pot, 30-Quart for a great price. This should be a lot of fun next spring – I want to plant Pineberry plants in it.


I had been thinking of trying out a lady bug house in the garden, but had blanched at the prices for them. Then I saw Esschert Design USA NK53 Printed Ladybug House for $15 on Amazon (a $10 price drop!) and I couldn’t pass that up.



And it was much nicer than I thought it would be – in person it is very cute, and will look nice hanging on the fence. Come spring, I will get it ready and see if I can lure any of my ladies to stick around 😉 And even if they don’t stick around, it will still look nice!

And until spring comes….


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