Urban Homesteading: April In The Garden


April in the Garden…here in the PNW it means the bulbs coming up. April started normal, then we had a week-long heat wave, of record-setting temperatures in the low 90’s. It pushed everything to grow ahead of schedule. Cooled back off and then at the end of the month, ramped up again. Hot is the normal this year, a second year in a row.


The succulents love it though.


Early May in my little unheated greenhouse…there is news coming about that this month! (Exciting news for me that is 😉 )


In early April the first Yellow Wonder Strawberry blossoms came on.


My asparagus plants are 3 years old this year, meaning the harvest could begin!


Early Spring always makes me happy – everything beginning to green out and fill out.


The fruit trees are all 2 years in the ground now, and the blossoms were huge.


Cherry blossoms last so short, but are so gorgeous.


And the trees, now devoid of blossoms, are loaded with potential fruit this year!


Hard work came as well – more about that in another post, about what is happening in this area of the garden.


Kirk installed a PVC pipe setup for one of the grape plants, that is in a large pot, allowing me to water much deeply.


The grape vines have put on baby grapes this year!


Native strawberry blooms.


In a back corner sits 2 rhubarb plants. Neither have done well there, but at this point I am not moving them. One in particular goes to seed multiple times a year, unless you hack it back. I need to buy different types, and plant elsewhere.


2 frisky ladybugs. Get a room!


My seed potatoes might have really gotten seedy. Oops!


The purple ones too….but I did get them in the ground and they are growing well!


Ever seen a baby peach? I hadn’t! Shockingly….the 2 peach trees we planted last year not only survived the winter, but flowered AND put on fruit!


The pink strawberries are doing amazing as well.


After over 5 years of using $1 US made pinwheels, I can say: They work better than anything else at annoying pesky birds who want your berries!


Wild roses behind our house, on the County property, along the rail to trail we live on.


Crabapple Tree, about to bloom. The tree has really grown in the past 2 years, I am sure due to my watering and feeding it.


After many years in pots, I divided up and planted the chives in ground. The 3 plants have done incredibly well since last fall, with an amazing bloom period this spring.


Last year we grew Mammoth Sunflowers, which I saved the seeds and dried them. They have gone crazy this year!


Baby carrots. I had planted very early ones which were doing well, then went south. At least the new batch, of 3 different types, is growing well. There is a fine line between good to go and too early.


I planted 3 very early varieties of peas before spring even came. They have started putting on blooms and peas the past week or two. 2 of 3 have grown well, the 3rd, not so hot. All 3 are dwarf types, not needing staking.


See you all in May! And may your garden be wonderful this year.

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