DIY Upcycling In The Garden

Last year Kirk saw a swing being offered up for free, so we took a look at it. It was in fine shape, outside of the roof and sling fabric having had rotten off. However….I had ideas for the frame.

I found a place along one of the fences for it, and planted 2 grape vines, along with a pair of obelisks for them to grow on. I wasn’t sure where, and how I wanted to proceed, so I waited.


It ended up sitting in its permanent home over the winter. The grapes came back in spring. Then we were at the local bee supply shop and I saw this:


They were using a much cheaper frame, upcycled to hold 3 strawberry plants. Inspired I headed home.


First thing we did was take down the swing part, took it apart and recycled it. Then I went and collected all of the orphan strawberry pots in the yard that were potted in coconut husks. These dry out fast, and I never watered them enough. All together, I do now. I used zip ties to make loops. Use what you have on hand.  There are 9 pots hanging. The grapes have come back fierce. Not visible are the 2 bee baths on each side, allowing small birds, butterflies and bees a sip of water. Wild Strawberries that had come with the house are growing on the ground there as well. I added in 2 chairs we had stacked on the deck. Now, we have a little spot that is wonderful in the evening. Sit back, look up at the trees, watch the crows talking high above. Reach up and grab berries…..there are even blueberry plants on each side now as well.


I’m glad we took it…better than it going to a dump because it didn’t “work” anymore. Because it works quite well in reality!

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