Upcycling Baby Food Jars, Part 2

This past Friday I had written a blog entry about my work on creating a matching collection of spice jars for my ample collection. The last thing I needed was way to organize the jars that would make it easy to see what I had and not have to pull jars out of a cupboard. I had contemplated having Kirk build me a custom wall holder until I saw something at Target today and picked up three to try:

What I came across was a Munchkin Baby Food Organizer. The ones at Target sell for $7.49 and are white with a bit of springy green on the bottom. They assemble easily (all of Munchkin’s products so far have been easy to put together!) Amazon carries them, Munchkin Deluxe Baby Food Organizer, but they are a bit more money and show the core being blue. Otherwise they seem to be the same, I am thinking Target’s were an older style maybe. Either way they were perfect for my project! I have spots for 72 jars and it fits 2, 4 or 6 ounce jars. And most of all I can turn the trays around, even each layer independently. For a spice junkie this is heaven!


Working On My Spice Jars!

The other day I had one of those “Duuuhhhhh” moments when I read on Beech Nut’s Facebook page about using the baby food jars for spice jars. For months I have tried to find jars that were food grade, glass, sealed easily for freshness, were available in multiple sizes….yeah, hello, right in front of me. Oops. (Which why it went over my head I don’t know! My Dad was the one who collected the jars when Ford was little so he could stash his nails and screws away.)

I have a very large spice/herb collection – well over 50 that I use constantly so I was figuring I would drop $100 for jars if I ever found what I wanted (but probably more) so being able to get jars that are everything I wanted for free (OK, they do cost but Triple B still loves eating baby food so win-win).

Currently I am collecting all 4 ounce jars but also 6 ounce ones for larger items, such as cinnamon sticks and candied ginger. I figure for some small spices we will go back and get a few 2 ounce stage 1 foods for it.

Then when I have them all ready (recycle the label, soak to remove the glue on the jar), Kirk is going to paint the lids for me and then seal them (he paints miniatures) and then put spice labels on the top and front. This should be a fun project so Walker needs to eat lots πŸ˜‰


Herb Site To Check Out

I have read The Herb Companion magazine over the years but never had checked out their website until recently.


If you grow herbs in your yard/garden like I do, you will enjoy the resources they have. Lots of hints and things to do with your herbs!

I needed something to entertain me on a cold rainy day….and now I have ideas.


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