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Upcycling Baby Food Jars, Part 2

This past Friday I had written a blog entry about my work on creating a matching collection of spice jars for my ample collection. The last thing I needed was way to organize the jars that would make it easy to see what I had and not have to pull jars out of a cupboard. I had contemplated having Kirk build me a custom wall holder until I saw something at Target today and picked up three to try:

What I came across was a Munchkin Baby Food Organizer. The ones at Target sell for $7.49 and are white with a bit of springy green on the bottom. They assemble easily (all of Munchkin’s products so far have been easy to put together!) Amazon carries them, Munchkin Deluxe Baby Food Organizer, but they are a bit more money and show the core being blue. Otherwise they seem to be the same, I am thinking Target’s were an older style maybe. Either way they were perfect for my project! I have spots for 72 jars and it fits 2, 4 or 6 ounce jars. And most of all I can turn the trays around, even each layer independently. For a spice junkie this is heaven!


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