A Lazy Dinner

Last week I was looking for a quick dinner and did a cupboard sweep and in 30 minutes we had a filling dinner. Doctored Up Spaghetti Ingredients: 13.25 ounce package multigrain angel hair or spaghetti 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil i sweet onion, peeled and diced 24 ounce jar marinara … Continue reading

Chickpea Gravy and Biscuits

Last night I was craving biscuits and gravy for breakfast so this morning I poked around to see what I had in the cupboard. It was an amazing breakfast and filled me up nicely. Yum! Chickpea Gravy and Biscuits Ingredients: 1 batch baking powder biscuits (I made 12 big ones, baked 12 … Continue reading

Peanut and Broccoli Noodles

We had this quick dish for lunch yesterday as our main meal for the day! Peanut and Broccoli Noodles Ingredients: 13.25 ounce package multigrain spaghetti 1 lb broccoli florets (fresh or frozen/thawed) 1/3 cup chunky style natural peanut butter 1/3 cup warm water 3 Tbsp lower sodium soy … Continue reading

Baked Bean and Pasta Toss

I had stopped at Trader Joe's this afternoon and they had a tower o' baked beans out and realizing that I hadn't tried them before I picked up a can. Being that they seem to also be vegan, well double score. Being I was in the mood for a crab-tastic dinner I made a loose recipe - all mixed and … Continue reading

Pasta e Fagioli

After doing a bunch of online research I was still stumped on which bean was "right" to use - white or red? It seemed there were 2 camps and was equal. So knowing I much prefer the small creamy white bean over the larger and not as buttery-soft kidney bean I knew my choice! On the pasta, I didn't … Continue reading