DIY Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

I’ll be first to admit I am not the best in keeping an immaculate house. If I learned from my Mom anything…well, she passed her lazy gene on to me. But I do like to at least keep the house presentable! It isn’t hard to pick up toys, do dishes, run the vacuum over the floors, and keep the bathrooms looking good. Well, 2 out of 3 bathrooms. I simply HATE cleaning the boys bathroom. They are slobs! Tired of nagging, after the past few years, I made up this printable bathroom cleaning checklist to hang in there – and the oldest must do the chores and check off that he did them.

 Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

To print, click here for full size PDF: Bathroom Cleaning Chart

5 main areas. Not hard. Doesn’t take long. 2X a week. (although garbage and towels do get changed more often on average). A minimum they MUST meet!

How to display?

I went for easy – a lightweight frame document. Hang a dry erase marker, and they can check off what they have done. Wipe off and start over each week:

 Bathroom Cleaning Checklist hung up on the wall

Now I didn’t say the teenager was happy with what I made 😉

5 thoughts on “DIY Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

  1. Yeah, I grew up with 4 older brothers, 1 1/2 baths, and now live with my 3 guys, hubby and 2 teen sons. When I was growing up the bathroom was gross so I have been pretty tight with my boys. They share the cleaning of it so that if one boy is messy the other one will keep him in check. Love your checklist.

  2. Awesome. I need to print that off to just get my husband’s help with the bathroom cleaning.

    “I cleaned the bathroom!”
    “You did!? Thank you! Did you clean the mirror?”
    “Oh, okay, did you sweep the floor?”
    “Hmmm… Did you wipe the base of the toilet?”
    “What did you do?”
    “I scrubbed the toilet brush and switched out the hand towel.”

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