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Tasty Beef Stew and Biscuits

We were watching Sandra’s Money Saving Meals last week and caught the One Pot Meals episode. No photos, but I tried out the Beef Stew and the Beer Biscuits.

The only change I made was to use pre cut ‘stew meat’ as our local Safeway packages up the small pieces of meat (they still do on site meat cutting), so you get a mix of pot roast, chuck roast and various forms of steak. The stew cooked up wonderfully and was quite delish. Serves 4 with no issues.

The beer biscuits are going to become a staple. The dry mix is a DIY Bisquick-style mix, easy to whip up. I did have to cook my biscuits longer than called for, but wow, talk about airy biscuits with a great earthy taste. Even better than the stew!


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