A Baby and a Tweener

In late March Kirk and I welcomed our new son, Walker, to the family. Life has been pretty busy but I am getting into a routine (if you can call it that!) ever so slowly. Walker will be 11 weeks old this week. Scary how fast it goes.

Walker just after birth:

Unlike with Ford (who I developed Preeclampsia with), my pregnancy with him was overall good and I had no complications outside of my chronic high blood pressure. I was repeatedly tested for diabetes due to the babies size, I bit my tongue on mentioning “Ummm…have you looked at his Dad??” (Kirk is very tall and was a big baby).

This charming photo of me at Starbucks was taken 4 days before I had him. As you can see I was all baby.

Our OB decided to deliver Walker a little early (38th week) due to his size and we welcomed a bouncing screaming 9 lb boy into the world in a relatively quick delivery.

A recent photo of the little devil:

Walker and I this past weekend:

I didn’t buy much for him before he was born – I had no clue what I would need. It had been a looooooong time since I had a baby in my life, with Ford being 12 1/2 now.

A recent photo of Ford, from this past weekend while we were out on a family hike:

Ford has been a huge help…just cannot believe he will be 13 this fall. Eek! A teenager and a baby, a busy house we will have.

After we had Walker we ended up buying most everything we “needed” (OK, maybe not needed but wanted – and some of these things have made my life a LOT easier!). I fully admit I love buying clothes for him. What would I do without Carter’s?

We bought a Graco car seat as I wanted a compatible model for the BOB Revolution jogger stroller.  We went with the Graco SnugRide 32 in the Broadstreet print. We came across this reversible body support by JJ Cole at REI and it has been great added to his carseat. It really helps with the floppy head that babies have in the first couple months. We also picked up the BOB handlebar console and the car seat adapter. Walker and I get out most days for a couple of miles walking. The car seat keeps him cozy/safe and we don’t run, just fast walking on paved surfaces. It is a great way to get back in shape after having him and I love being outside with him. I also take him out on rail to trails all over the region we live in (there are many, some are paved, some are not).The BOB has been one of the best things we picked up. For me being outside isn’t a want, it is a true need. For around town and when shopping I keep a Graco SnugRide stroller base in the truck. It is a great concept – affordable, light and small. We love it (though walking long distances is not recommended by me! Anyone over 5 foot will be stumped over….).

A photo from last weekend of Walker in his setup on the hard packed Iron Horse Rail to Trail here in Washington:

I was looking through old photos recently and came across this photo of Ford in his Instep jogger stroller I bought when he 4 months old. At the time it was cutting edge for me! (He was a couple of years old in the photo)

What a difference now!

For at home we got Walker a Lovin’ Hug Swing by Graco in the Hamilton print. The print does nothing for me but it had all the features we wanted. The inserts for fitting smaller babies is very nice. And it has a plug-in feature meaning no batteries needed. Compared to the massive swings of 12 1/2 years ago these are nice and better yet, small! It moves easily also, being very light, so I can move it from the living room to my office when he needs soothing.

We picked up a Graco Pack n’ Play in the Broadstreet print. The Lil’ Napper was invaluable in the first 6 weeks after he was born. He loved napping in it, it was so warm, cozy and tiny. I am glad Kirk sold me on this version. He is now to big for the Napper but we use it downstairs as a second changing table (it comes with that and a diaper stacker/wipe holder as well). Overall we had picked it up to have a portable crib for when we travel, the changing table part though has been the most used. Something I would recommend for all parents who live in multiple story houses to have!

The only thing I have to say is this: Graco? What is the heck with the awful carny music? Every item they make I have seen has awful tinny music that reminds me of a carny ride 😉 Though I am sure most brands have the same bad music…..babies love it, parents hate it 😀

Walker was the newborn baby who wanted to be tightly swaddled and didn’t like his arms flaying. We found the Swaddle Me swaddle wraps to be the best. Right when he got too big for the small size he decided he wanted arms free so he is now sleeping in an armless wearable blanket by Carter’s or in a Dreamsie long-sleeved wearable blanket. He loves them. He slept the first three or so weeks in a bassinet next to us but never seemed overly happy. Once Kirk got his crib set up in our room we moved him over to it and he was happy. I think he likes being able to see, the bassinet blocked all his side vision. Even now, he prefers to have his sleep positioner under him, he wakes up if he moves too much.

The only real learning experience with a baby item has been a front carrier. He just isn’t happy with it. Ford enjoyed being carried no matter what, be it a pack or a stroller. Walker fusses as soon as I have him in it. More so, I am not all into baby wearing either which I know doesn’t help. He is quite happy to sit in the kitchen with me while I cook or hang out in his bassinet next to me while I work in the office (it is nice having a big office, it is right next to me). But I am trying to get him used to it so we can do more real hiking. We are using a Bjorn. We go for walks during the day in the BOB to get my exercise and in the evening when it cools down I am trying now to take him out for a second walk, a little longer each time, to get him used to being worn. So far we are up to .85 of a mile. I am not overly worried, soon enough he will be able to ride in the Deuter Kid Comfort III pack we got for him. I think back to the Kelty I had for Ford and the Deuter is like night and day in comfort and in style.

More to come! For now I have a baby to snuzzle and hug 🙂


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  1. Hey, Sarah, ran across your blog googling Tweener for something totally other. I remember those days; did it twice, my first is 11-1/2 years older than my second and he’s 7 years older than the last. I am so glad for you with all the gadgets. We live on a dirt road where I had my last two and I did not have the “dirt road” strollers; didn’t even know they existed with the 1st one born here, so I sooooo remember being stuck here and he was born in May; it was awful! (Not so bad with the next one; he was born in November) So I am so glad for you – get out and enjoy both your guys!

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