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Ball Canning Discovery Kit

Last fall after helping my friend Teresa learn how to make and can jam she borrowed my canning rack and accessories. She still has them (not heart-broken though, they were much too big for the small batches of canning I like to do). Last week I was going through the coupon sheets that come in our local mail and saw one for $2 off the new Ball Canning Discovery Kit.

I was in a certain big box retailer this morning and happened to go by the canning section when I saw it. They had it for $10 (less than the $11.50 Ball sells it for in the above link). With my coupon I got it for $8. What a deal, I couldn’t pass it up. It is small enough to handle my micro canning I do and no need for a large pot anymore! This is a neat idea for the urban cook. It comes with the basket/handle, a small booklet on canning and 3 nice Ball jars with lids and rings. So I am not heart-broken that my other kit has never come back now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ball is also selling a traditional kit of tools, but with the basket all you need is a funnel, of which they had an American made one by Arrow Plastic for $1.23 sitting next to it. Most of the other tools never get used (at least by me) so need to buy twice….

Now if my blueberries would start thinking about ripening I can look forward to canning some of my most excellent blueberry lemon jam!


3 thoughts on “Ball Canning Discovery Kit

  1. I am just curious about this Canning Discovery Kit. Does the basket hold quart jars? What is the diameter of the basket? I thought I could borrow my friend’s rack because I have a 12-qt. stockpot that I thought it would work with, but the rack was too big in diameter to fit. Would I be better off buying a water bath canner?

    Thanks for the help.

    1. It does hold the bigger jars.What I like about it is I don’t need a massive pot to can anymore, I can use my smaller pots ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it comes down to how much you actually plan on canning. If all you want is to do a few jars here and there it is good, if you want to really get int9o canning I would suggest a traditional set up.

  2. Have you used it yet? I read a review that the basket melted. I think I would really like this product if it is good quality. The fact that it will do quart jars would be great.

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