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Book Review: Cooking For Geeks

Why is it when I opened up my copy of Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food I saw my kitchen?

My husband is a geek, no way around that, but that is what I love about him. So on starting Chapter 2 “Initializing The Kitchen” I felt at home while reading what the well equipped kitchen should have. Pretty much we have everything the author likes. When we buy kitchen tools we don’t go to an over priced cooking store, no we go to the local Cash n’ Carry and buy restaurant tools designed to be used and they cost a lot less. On page 65 the author mentions Cambro containers. Kirk got me to use those for storing items that needed a long-term storage. So yeah, I feel like I am in my kitchen while reading.

Lets put it this way: if you love Alton Brown’s Good Eats you will love this book. It isn’t a ‘cookbook’ but rather a book on how to cook better, cook easier and understand why the food does what it does. It also discusses in-depth why quality is better than quantity, the smell factor and a lot more. And yes, it does have plenty of recipes – that at first glance some might seem simple, rather they teach you the basics. It also is a book that showcases the slow food movement in a way – that cooking for yourself will satisfy you in ways that cheap processed food won’t.


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