Crisply Cold Fall Mornings

The last couple days have been unexpected beautiful weather. I was able to get outside and have Ford clean our back porch. It was covered in remodeling garbage, extras and whatnot. We got it all cleaned up and now it looks like new again. Speaking of remodeling, so much in our house is done now! Our third bathroom has gone from simply a concrete slab to looking beautiful – tile flooring, a modern toilet and a gorgeous vanity. It is nearly done and when done will put the other bathrooms to shame 😉 Still more to do, but very close.

The main level of the house is now all hardwood – even my kitchen. Kind of crazy but it looks very nice. I wasn’t so excited about the kitchen but I have come to like it. We have gotten it so there is only three places in our house that have carpeting – the office, a small section of our room and the floor of our entry closet. Lovely! The one thing that was so bad about our house when we bought it in 2004 was the previous owner left small dogs locked up all day in the house. Removing that carpeting was the best thing ever (doing the flooring took us awhile, we put in real hardwood rather than the laminate and it takes much longer). It was, I realized, this summer that I had never bought carpeting before and I had fun picking it out but wow, I was clueless. We had it installed in the office (our office is a second living room) and the installer came back off his schedule and installed carpeting in our bedroom bath area. It was a good deal – you never know, always ask the installers if they have extra carpeting. They often have really nice small pieces, which was just what we needed up there. The hall closest we did on our own, using a leftover piece we had from the office. We have replaced all the doors in our house over the past two years as each room is done and recently Kirk found a door hanger kit that has made it a snap to install new doors. Wish we had those for the first couple doors!

But back to those cold fall mornings….and afternoons! They do make getting the work done easy. No hiding under the eaves trying to cut wood. We can get our work done quickly. Of course by “we” I mean Kirk….but I at least cheer him on and go to Lowe’s/Home Depot with him. I am good for a few things but not moving very fast these days.

Kirk took some photos of me this morning. 25 weeks and counting now.

I found this coat at Motherhood Maternity for just over $30 which I was very excited about. It was as far as I could tell a leftover coat from the previous winter and had been in the $100 range. Toasty warm and unlike their pea coats, actually cut for a belly. With Walker I never could find a coat that fit my belly and I was cold all the time. It was 29° this morning and I was all wrapped up!


3 thoughts on “Crisply Cold Fall Mornings

  1. Your bathroom is beautiful! We don’t like our powder bath which is a similar size to yours. I was thinking about doing beadboard and yours looks exactly how I’d like mine (maybe a different paint color to better suit our house.) Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. It was very easy…we even cheated and bought the pre-cut beadboard at Lowe’s. A snap to put in! I love it so much now I want to re-do the other 2 bathrooms 😉 Kirk and I joke that our guest powder room will be the nicest looking room in the house!

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