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DIY Adult Sippy Lid for Mason Jars

In the past I often used cold cups with lids, the double wall ones for Frappes, for our daily drinks. Then we went to Mason jars (yeah, I know…how hipster of us). My real issue with it is I use straws to drink from (better for the teeth!) and I have had a few ‘oopsies’ where jars went over, due to the straw catching on my shirt or whatever. Not good for computers to say the least. So Kirk came up with an easy solution. He made me an adult sippy cup lid. Hahhah!

Pretty neat, eh? He used digital calipers to measure the straw width, then drilled a hole in the canning lid (with a block of wood under the lid), made sure it was smooth and then handed it over to me to wash. (I have a number of the Starbuck reusable ones – they work great and are easily cleaned with a good soaking. Many of the stores have them in stock, keep an eye out.)

Since the Starbuck straws have a ring at the bottom they don’t come out once the lid and band are on. Now if my drink is knocked over? No fear. No messes! You can do this with any size canning lid and mason jar, buy smaller or longer straws as needed (a pint jar would use tall size straws).

And I have to say this…if you have a “Handy Husband” around it is way cheaper than this option I saw this morning, the Cuppow, which costs $8 + Shipping for a lid – although if one doesn’t happen to have a Handy Husband + tools loitering around, well that might be a good deal after all….if it had been me drilling that hole I am sure I’d have wrecked my lid. Lol…..


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  1. Check out the cuppow mason jar lids. They are awesome! A little more expensive than making your own, but so nice.

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