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A Smattering of Book Reviews

The past few weeks have been “profitable” for finding freebies via Amazon (Want in? I post my finds over on the Facebook page, often in the evening). As with most things in life, free doesn’t always mean great. Or even passable. I’d say I flip through 4 stinkers for every decent find. Why are there free books on Amazon? It is pretty simple: one, it has to do with author deals with Amazon, but also offering your book for free for a few days can bring in much needed reviews, so it gets noticed. Also, there are older books that publishing houses are putting in Kindle format and dropping out free for a few days. If you do see one that sounds good, don’t wait. Wait too long and you’ll miss out! If it is free, grab it! And no, you do NOT need a Kindle! There are many ways to read the ebooks – via apps for most smartphones (I have a Nokia Lumnia, and enjoy reading on it, great for the gym and travel), apps for iPads and other tablets, apps for computers and the easiest? Using Amazon’s Cloud Reader/storage that is FREE, and reading on your computer.

So what have I been reading? Well, quite a bit. Most of these titles are not free anymore but are what I’d consider worthy of a read.

Somer, this book made me think of you. It was hilarious, probably one of the best freebies I have picked up. Apparently stuff that looks like intergalactic aliens is good tasting 😉 Mother of Vinegar? Boy, I don’t get out enough. The things I learn everyday. I have learned more things in the past 5 years than I did the majority of my life (especially about food)!

Edible History: Easy Recipes for Homemade Mother of Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Wine Vinegar


Ask Jackie is a long running column for Backwoods Home Magazine, one of the few magazines I happily pay full price for. The company has been slowly adding their titles to Kindle and when they do, they offer it for free for 2 days. Nice! This title I didn’t own (shocking I know….) so when I heard it was going to be up, I grabbed it. It is a compilation of questions she answered. And now I know how to pickle walnuts. Must see above link for homemade vinegar first!

PS: The paper books are great gifts I might add!

Ask Jackie: Water bath canning

This book isn’t long, at 24 pages, but is an excellent guide to why and how “eating clean” is important. It is an omnivore book, discussing from buying produce to how classifications on meat and poultry work – and why organic can be such an important choice. One point that really makes one think was on eating out – does paying $50 for a steak in a fancy steakhouse make it any better? No. It is the same grade you could buy at teh store. Yet, one could buy an organic (and lean) hormone free steak for a fraction of that price which tastes amazing. (Well, and choosing to not eat meat saves even more $$)

Eating Clean in a Dirty World: An easy to follow guide to cleaning up your diet for life


A second title from Ask Jackie is Ask Jackie: Canning basics – which I own also in print. This one is also a compilation of Q&A, a joy to read. You never know when you might learn something new. Canning is one of the easiest skills you can learn, even if it looks intimidating from the outside.


Maybe I should do a review on the worst of the worst? 😉 Oh, I know what book will get that award. I am still searching for eye bleach. Nothing will ever wash this book out of my mind: Natural Harvest. Apparently, any topic can be published via Amazon. PS: I wouldn’t click on that last link if at work!!!!! Or if easily grossed out.


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    1. We still subscribe, I love Urban Farmer way more though – it is a great magazine 🙂 I have another 20 or so good e-books I found on sustainable living/cooking waiting for me to do real reviews too 🙂

    1. It is dorky I know….when reading books I think of people to share it with. Signs I am getting old…lol!! Up next: cutting out articles? 😉

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