Cast Iron Strawberry Cobbler

I based this strawberry cobbler recipe off of the "mixed berry cobbler" in One Pan To Rule Them All, on page 227. This cookbook has really encouraged me to use my cast iron pans so much more! You can use any berry or fruit you like, making this a solid recipe to have on hand. Best of all, it … Continue reading

Pasta Carbonara Salad

I came across the basis for this recipe in 150 Best Meals In A Jar, on page 73. I adapted the recipe to make enough for the family. The book has a great concept, especially since most of the recipes make 1 serving. However, if I am going to cook, with our family size, I am going to make … Continue reading

Cheesemaking: Mascarpone

On a lark we ended up at a local farm that is licensed to sell raw milk on a Sunday drive. It's not exactly easy to get to, but worth the drive. Raw milk is the best choice for cheesemaking, but you have to find a farm and also know it is licensed and run properly. Wether or not you can … Continue reading

Banana Flaxseed Muffins

I came across this recipe in the new The Dash Diet Detox book/cookbook and as I had a pile of very ripe bananas looking for a project, I decide to try it. You may notice the muffins do not call for salt. The DASH Diet is low sodium. If you are not used to this, I would suggest you add in ¼ tsp … Continue reading