Nailed It! (Or I’ll Never Be a Cake Decorator…….)

To prove a point that most of us food bloggers are real life humans and not everything is perfect, lets talk cakes. Cakes are something I can bake, but lord knows I cannot decorate them. Piping? Fancy frosting? Hahaha….especially when I am using natural coloring and making a cake vegan. And I forget just why I hate my cake pans – which went in the garbage can after I was done I might add! The cake was tasty, as was the frosting, but wow….what a hoot. Still, I gave it the old try. And found myself giggling loudly as I made it, knowing mine would never, ever look like a professional cake.

Sunday was Walker’s 3rd birthday. A few weeks back I had picked up a copy of Better Homes & Gardens Cakes! book-magazine (sold in grocery stores) –


You know the type: many wonderful ideas and great photography of delightful cakes. And with recipes, of which I veganized the yellow cake and white frosting recipes.

So I let Walker look through, in the kid section. Here is what he picked:


“Racer Cars, Mommy!!!!! Race cars!!!!”. Hehe, sure, I’ll try. Nailed it, right? Lol……..or is that “close enough”? Now you see why I was giggling…..


But you know what? He loved it. He was SO happy. He was running around screaming and laughing. He kept telling Daddy and Ford to stay away from his cake. And I let him demolish one whole cake, while he happily made a huge mess. (And after, it visited the compost bin….)


And he got a gift from my MIL, a new play suit, a Melissa & Doug Police Officer Role Play Costume Set.


Er…maybe the hippie skull cracker didn’t come with the outfit 😉 Johnny Law says he better not have to run after you!

It was a good birthday. We spent the weekend on the Olympic Coast here in Washington State –


And had a lovely trip, of hiking in the rain forest and being lazy on the beach.

13 thoughts on “Nailed It! (Or I’ll Never Be a Cake Decorator…….)

  1. Um, I think you did a phenomenal job Sarah!! You aren’t giving yourself enough credit. Kudos to you for taking on that task and Somer is right…Walker could care less how perfect they look. They look and taste delicious I’m sure 🙂

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