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The Fresh 20 Subscription


School is starting next week for my oldest. He is going to a sophomore, and his first year in high school! Last week was his orientation, and it felt so weird to drop him off, alone. Parents were not allowed in for it. I tried to remember how it had been for me, when I was in the 9th grade. He was really excited though. The only downside is the high school is outside of town, more than a few miles away. Someone had best not miss the big yellow bus if he knows what is good for him 😉

I have spent the last week starting to fill the freezer with lunch and snack ideas for him, so he can grab and go. Because…um, yeah, I don’t like having to act at 6 something in the morning. It is hard to make sure he is eating as good as he can. The Fresh 20 has inspired me to do more for him – especially if he has leftovers from dinner, for breakfast. And you ask..just what is The Fresh 20?


I have used the The Fresh 20 Subscription and loving it. I am not usually a planner, I kind of go by the flow, which I know costs us a lot more. Since that leads to someone going shopping every 2-3 days. And I always end up buying more than I went in for. I have used both the classic and vegetarian plans (the gluten-free is also great!). And while I don’t use it every day, it has given me so much inspiration. Maybe it is just August, but I have weeks where I need all the help I can find to get dinner on the table. And to spend less! Tofu Crumble over Peppered Noodles with Peas and Carrots? Oh yes! One Pot Veggie Spaghetti, where the pasta cooks in the sauce? You will be inspired to try new things! And you can easily convert most of the vegetarian recipes to gluten-free as well. And hey, you never know…someday I might be so busy that prepping on Sunday would free up my life!

Oh and they have a six-week lunch plan, I might have to check it out as well, as I make lunch most days for Kirk and I, and the two youngest.

The Fresh 20 Subscription:

Subscribing to The Fresh 20 makes it easy to organize your weeknight meals.  Every week you shop for 20 fresh seasonal ingredients with The Fresh 20 shopping list.  Then, using the step-by-step prep guide, it takes one hour to prep the entire week’s meals—saving you valuable time during busy weeknights. On dinner night, each complete meal takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and features simple recipes the whole family can create together.  Choose from their three meal plans: Classic, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free.  At 16 cents a day, what do you have to lose?

And ooh, check out:


#getfresh campaign

The Fresh 20 supports healthy eating habits as kids head back to school this year.  They’re on a mission to find The Freshest Kids in America by asking kids the question, “How do you #getfresh?” Utilizing any social platform, parents can submit either a video or a photo of how their children #getfresh on health.  The campaign offers children and their parents a unique opportunity to get creative with their fresh and healthy habits and to get kids involved in their own health decisions. Check out their site for #getfresh back to school ideas.


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    1. I have real issues. Everyone knows me at Safeway. Like they know my kids names and ask “what are you making now” and “what is this??” when I bring up some weird ingredient…lol!

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