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Book Review: Max’s Magnificent Choice & The Tacky Box

Our two youngest boys love being read to. Like really love it. If you let them, they will keep bringing book after book. Kirk settles them into bed almost every night by reading 1 or 2 books. It makes me smile, because they enjoy it so much. So when a new book came recently, and it had a little treasure chest (oops, Tacky Box!), Walker was after me to read it to him. We curled up on our bed and had story time. And I noticed something as I read. The boys were quietly laying there with me. No goofing off, falling off the bed or wrestling. They really loved this book. What was it?

Max’s Magnificent Choice – A book to spread the message of a Campaign for Kindness. Can one person help others to be more kind? Can one person create a ripple effect? That by treating others as you would like to be treated, you will show others they too can. I’d like to think they can! They do well with manners, such as opening doors for strangers (and those known), saying please and thank you but as for words, I think we can all do better.


The tale of a handsome and smart monkey (with a great choice in head gear!), who unfortunately has a habit of insulting other animals in the jungle. This leaves him quite sad as he doesn’t understand that the words he uses are insulting and hurtful, and that is why no one wants to play with him. And yes, there is a story for girls as well! Margo’s Magnificent Choice. Max is very sad, as he doesn’t get why the other animals reject him.


He meets a wise owl who tells him why he is being shunned, and how he can make things better. The owl explains that bad or hurtful words are “Tacky”. Max is given a box to store these bad things, so that he won’t think of them again. The book comes with a very own Tacky Box for the child. To have, to decorate, and to use. If a bad word is used, or they hear a word that is mean/hurtful, they can write it on paper, and store it inside. What a wonderful idea.

And then Kirk pipes up and says “Maybe you need a jumbo Tacky Box for when you drive.” Harharhar. Although, OK, he is right. Having little ones who repeat everything has led me to see how bad my own mouth can be!

The story behind how it came to be, from the mouth of a babe, is a learning lesson. Handle it well, and the child can learn from it.

The Tacky Box? Slowly, Walker and I are writing words on the pad of Tacky paper (that is included) and tucking them away. This weekend we will paint the box together. Walker has picked out a deep blue, metallic gold and silver paints from my craft supplies. And snuggle up and read about Max again! And talk about why mean words can hurt so much, and why we should try to use them less.


The little box is neat. Unfinished wood, with a little closure that even little fingers can open easily, it holds the pad of paper and a pencil, with lots of space for thoughts.

Walker says “Abra Cadamera” when he opens it, and puts a pice of paper in it. Then closes it, latches it down and says “Bye-bye paper, see you later!” (Which I find pretty funny, the abra-cadamera….I’d love to know how he picked that one up! So much cuter than what he should be saying!)

I will continue to think more actively about how what I say affects my children, my husband and how that ripples out to them, and then out of our house. And also help them make better choices in what they say.

FTC Disclosure: We received a copy for review.  #TackyBoxKindness

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