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Coastal Bliss for the Weekend

Kirk and I took the boys out to Kalaloch Lodge, which is in the Olympic National Park, on the coastal strip. It was my birthday weekend 🙂 While most people clamber for the cabins (which are nice!), I much prefer the Seacrest House, which is like an apartment/hotel. The 2 bedroom suites have so much room to sprawl in. And there is nothing like waking up in the morning to the Pacific Ocean (if you are upstairs). The master bedroom looks out onto the balcony, which looks out onto the ocean. Pure pleasure! The Lodge had given us an upgrade to the suite – and left Kirk and I two glass Kalaloch mugs with cocoa. How sweet!


Ahh…2 little Olympic National Park jackets for the 2 youngest boys? Very sweet indeed. The boys were very excited.


We got in Friday, to a gorgeous day. Saturday came up sunny with clouds threatening, so we didn’t waste anytime and set out to spend the day outside before the rains came in.

Walker and Alistaire, colorfully decked out for chilly hiking!


I love the coastal forests in daylight so much. The trees are gnarled, the moss is intense.


I have camped and backpacked along various beaches on the Olympic Coastal strip and these trees always give me the willies. I call them Tree Men….and yes, they are freakier looking at night. Guardians of the forest, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


We popped out onto the beach, as high tide was coming in, quite fast. With a short maneuver, we headed North on the beach a short bit, and found the next inland trail to take from the beach. This was where stupid me had my mobile phone in my back pocket….and it popped out as I scrambled over driftwood. Heard it plop in the sand under a tree. I think I felt panic instantly…lol! First World Problem, eh? I was “Ford, get your skinny arms over here!!” and he was able to grab it. And thankfully no harm was done.


I think Kirk needs to take up wood burning and make me this utensil sign for my kitchen 😉 Love, love it – on the side of the main lodge.


Kalaloch Creek rarely fails in making me smile, even as the sun disappears behind the clouds – I love it whenever we pull into Kalaloch!


As the tide pulled out, Kirk and I took the boys down to the water, to have fun in the sand. Daddy and Walker, checking out the shells left behind by the hungry Seagulls.


I know one reason I love Kalaloch so much is the beach. It is miles of flat and sandy beach, where much of the coastal strip is slanted, covered in rocks or is unpassable headlands. Kalaloch is walking friendly!


We didn’t do a lot, but the boys were happy. Sand time, slow hiking and lots of family time. No phones, no TV, no internet. Just lots of time to talk and look out at the ocean. And that is good for me!

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