Ornaments In Jars

I didn’t grow up celebrating holidays, so decorating for Christmas wasn’t a natural for me. I don’t overall care for a “traditional” look, though it took me a few years to figure that out (like oh…15 or so….). What I truly love is blue & silver decor. And it matches the house this year so well!

Partly done….the snow really made it so pretty to work outside!


Shopping secret? I am the Queen Bee at my local Grocery Outlet. The owners have great taste in decor! I bought a bunch of new (and well-priced) outdoor ornaments to complement all I had.


Is it obvious I like blue?


While I was going through the holiday decor that is in my bins, I found 3 boxes of glass silver balls. Well….it has been a few years since I used those. I was dumb enough to actually use those the first Christmas with Walker. The cat loved to swish them off with his tail as well. I vacuumed up SO many of them. To plastic we went…..

But what to use them in? Table decor for outside and inside! Silver balls of 3 sizes, along with odds and ends of other ornaments, those in blue, I filled up mason jars and other pretty glass containers on hand.


You can use any color you like of course! Some of the ornaments I used are bells and lightly jingle. If you feel extra crafty, decorate your jars with washi tape and whatever else grabs your eyes.


Get crafty! And upcycle your holiday decor of past years 😉

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