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Building a Gnome Garden


Every garden needs a garden or fairy grove – tucked into a corner, or maybe in the middle of everything.


This one is Walker’s lil’ garden:


It has 4 “ponds” with paths between them, with features:


Walker saw a fairy garden kit and asked for it – it came with a tiny metal fence to go around a tree, with an arbor & bird bath (Gnome Garden Starter Accessory Kit).


A little DIY project made with wooden finds at our local hardware store:


Using poster tack, you can attach the little wooden items to large corks. This allows easy painting. Here I used two wooden milk jugs.


Painted gold, and then glued on top are large shooter marbles.

This project is making tiny fences and or doors with wooden craft sticks (tongue depressors).


You can also make windows easily enough:


Another example of how to make doors, this one is a little more stylish (thanks to my husband!)


Fence sections can be made with halved sticks and the smaller coffee stirrer size wooden sticks. Make as many as you need!


Tucking in a small gnome garden is easy – just find a spot under a tree, and start decorating.


A path of aquarium rock, a few well placed pieces and if you love your birds n’ bees, have it end at a “lake” (a saucer with baubles and rocks, with water).


Another project is Kirk loves to paint miniatures so when I find gnomes that are plain…well, I let him have fun.


Whatever you choose, make it special and let the children have fun!

One thought on “Building a Gnome Garden

  1. I think it would be fun to make some little garden creations. I wonder how long it would take to make a little garden gnome. It would also be cool to make an actual garden gnome.

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