Urban Homesteading: October In The Garden

I started October in the garden off with fun book to get ideas for next year:


Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century is full of thoughts and projects, some of which we are already doing. It’s funny how in August I am always tired of my gardens (it’s the heat really), but come October, I am missing it already.Β And planning next year!


Our big project this October was putting in hoop houses. They have paid off, with our fall onions coming up, nicely tucked in.


And while the month turned into shorter days, the Crabapple Tree kept on….


The peas we planted on August 1st grew a lot in September, and as October came in, I knew I needed them covered better (which we did).


The finished hoop house we did with a fabric cover has worked well, coming through a storm perfectly this past weekend.


And oh the eating! There is nothing quite like fresh peas for weeks as Fall settles in. We go out ever day or two and pick a huge handful.


Suddenly, with Fall here, my gardens don’t look quite as pretty. But, if they are producing food, and in prep for next year, I can look out at the messy hay everywhere and not feel like I need to go clean up πŸ˜‰


Because….fresh peas! Yes, I won’t shut up about that – who knew I could be so proud over peas?


The boys claimed they needed to make “repairs” to their house before Winter came πŸ˜‰


Even in late October I had 2 tomato plants producing.


They are next to each other, in a back bed. Though I think this is their last week, before I pull them out.


The boys love Fall, because it brings the second crop of Raspberries on many of our vines.


The Swiss Chard is growing happily in its greenhouse.


I finally pulled the ever producing hot pepper plant in the second week of October. What a plant!


A late season Ladybug on one of the water tanks.


Part of keeps thinking of picking the crabapple for jelly, then the lazy side of me says leave them for the animals πŸ˜‰


As soon as the weather started getting cooler (and finally having rain back!), all I want to do is be in the little greenhouse. If the sun comes out, it still gets very warm inside, even over 80*. The Meyer Lemon Tree is loving that.


And as well, the Aloe Vera plant has grown massively this year.


And in the last 2 days, the possible final berries were picked.


And I smiled, seeing that our tiny Bay Laurel tree has suddenly doubled in size. It didn’t grow at all over the summer!

I know November will be a slow month, especially with Daylight Savings Time starting early in the month. Time to plan, maybe build more beds, work on where we will put our water irrigation systems, and maybe plan for what we want to grow next year. And keep picking produce we planted πŸ˜‰

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