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Crafting Little Treasure Jars

Crafting Little Treasure Jars –


Walker and Alistaire have a habit of breaking piggy banks, but love to have little treasure chests for their coins. With a few mason jar accessories I had in my crafting bins, I had some cute jars they can hang in their bedroom.

First, a mason jar and a band. I used standard size so that my other items would work. (There is standard and wide mouth) Any design or size will work, I went with a smaller crystal jelly jar, 8 ounces, as they have tinier hands. You can get up to quart (32 ounces) in standard size.

The next item is Loew-Cornell Mason Ball Jar Wire Handles, which pop on easily to these jars. You can do so much with them, from yes, handles, to making hangable LED tea light candles. Fun to have on hand!


While I don’t have these on hand, the Transform Mason Ball Lid Inserts, Slotted make a bank quite easy to produce. Just place on top of jar, add band and tighten. Ta-Da!


I did though have a package of Transform Mason Ball Lid Inserts, Leaf on hand. These work just as easy, and if anything make it so they can’t shake their coins out 😉 They do need to take off the lid to add quarters, but hey, I am OK with that!


And also easy to turn into a little present for a young girl who loves to sew….add in some colorful buttons, felt cutouts, needles, embroidery floss…..


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