Urban Homesteading December In The Garden

December in the garden is a quiet time. The days are so short, and so cold, and often wet, it is hard to find any desire to go outside and work. Still, on a few nicer days, we bundled up and went outside to visit and even do work.

We had a pretty good windstorm in early December (one of a few so far this year), and it cleaned the trees pretty badly along the trail we live on. We went out and did cleaning. The ramps belong to the city, the trail is the county…but lets be real, it isn’t top priority when people have no power….so all three kids went out and helped me. There are a couple of people who use powered wheelchairs to get around, and they use the trail. Blocked isn’t cool.


After the wind storms stopped, and the freezing went away….I checked on my little unheated greenhouse for the first time in a month and was rewarded from my heavily insulated Meyer Lemon….an actual ripe lemon! We juiced it and saved the seeds for a project….


Which then led to snow. The last snow we had was early November 2014, one small snow. And then we had a very, very long drought. So walking out to snow was pretty awesome. And it snowed multiple times the week before Christmas.


We even woke up to a snowy Christmas morning. It’s been a very long time since I remember that! Snow covered Crabapples shining…..


Something about winter though is buying seeds. You can tell me “winter” happens on a certain day on the calendar, but no, it was here for months. Buying seeds puts me in a happy mood – planning for next year! I treated myself to a PlowBox subscription and this was the first box:


10 packs of seeds, plus 2 microgreen seed packs, a lavender sachet, a gift card if one wants to gift seeds…a really pretty sketch pad (perfect for doing gardens in it, it is graphs) and more. My order from Baker Creek Seeds came as well, and I’ve been stashing the seeds in mason jars for keeping, and getting my chart down for what I have – and what I still need to get.

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