Loom Knitting – Like I needed Another Hobby……

Last year, in a moment of stupidity and a great sale, I brought home a huge mess of knitting looms. They then went to rest in my “crafter closet” for a year after opening. Until I faced that I was frustrated, and had hidden them over that 😉 Let’s be honest, loom knitting isn’t hard, but getting the hang of it can be. The looms come with horrid directions (if you can even call it that….).

There are a couple of brands, I purchased Boye because that is what was on sale. My first addition was a Round Loom Set, which are used for hats and infinity scarves (and other things). This is the most basic, and easiest to learn with. Kids can especially use the smaller ones. Because Walker reeeeaaallllyyy wants to learn.


My second was a Long Loom Set, which can be used to make scarves, but also panels for things like sweaters and blankets.


The last loom I got that trip was a Sock Loom Kit, which I highly doubt will see use for many more months….it’s the most complicated.


What I really needed though was easy to understand directions. Recently I sat down and googled quite a bit, found some great books and sites, and finally learned how to knit with my looms. I won’t say I am anywhere near a master, but someday I will have a sweet infinity scarf to brag about 😉 Maybe. If I can find enough free time that is! I love though how I can carry the supplies with me, and put in a few rows as I have time. I’ve never been good at any knitting, so it does feel good.


Isela Phelps is a great resource and I found her books and archived website to be easy to understand. She doesn’t expect you to understand traditional knitting (which I found some books do). Seriously, I suck at traditional knitting, OK?


Loom Knitting Pattern Book: 38 Easy, No-Needle Designs for All Loom Knitters has a great section on the basics, like what an e-wrap is…..

This brings me to yarn. I love nothing more than the most artisanal wool. I needle felt. I get it. But no way was I wasting $$$ on yarn to learn how to use the looms. That will come. In time.


I’m a sucker though for pretty stuff and couldn’t pass up a few skeins of Landscapes Yarn, in Apple Orchard. My reward for when I had to go get a new state park pass to hike on Black Friday in November, I couldn’t pass up a BOGO offer on yarn.

The key was I sat down, read up online, read books, and threw the useless “instructions” away that came with the looms, started with cheap yarn and cussed a lot. I mean someday, like next winter, I might have a sweet infinity scarf 😉

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